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  1. Allistonfjr

    s1000xr vs superduke GT vs MV agusta veloce

    Can I have one of each for the summer to do my own comparison?
  2. Allistonfjr

    New Highway 413 Yea or Nay?

    We've tried this and had good results but not every time. Two bikes perfectly side by side at the cameras. Only one of us gets charged. If a different one gets a pic taken on exit then neither gets charged. Cameras have to register you entering and exiting or no charge.
  3. Allistonfjr

    How much do you pay for insurance?

    I'm with Wawa. 55 years old. Stand alone policy. Riding 5 years. Was the cheapest I found.
  4. Allistonfjr

    COVID and the housing market

    Alliston has Honda and Baxtor. For all the doom and gloom of losing manufacturing jobs over the last 20 years, things still keep chugging along. Bad for those who leave high school and just want to get a job. For the most part those days are gone.
  5. Allistonfjr

    Snow Blower Driveway test

    Peel it first.:p
  6. Allistonfjr

    Folks you have met.

    Haha. Before my time but my grandmother used to watch his tv show. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Allistonfjr

    Folks you have met.

    If we want to include who we've seen out and about then: Kim Mitchell walking down the beach a Wassaga with his wife and kids Kim Mitchell at the home show many years ago. Loretta Swit (Mash) in a store in Yorkville Mickey Rooney at the Uptown Theatre on Young st. (Not there anymore). Tommy...
  8. Allistonfjr


    Really like the Scouts. I've ridden one and unfortunately they are really small, and I'm only 6'.
  9. Allistonfjr

    Folks you have met.

    Spent about an hour talking to Kim Mitchell at a Porsche event 3 years ago. Super nice and interesting guy.
  10. Allistonfjr


    Furniture grade lumber hasn't been affected compared to building grade soft lumber. I would hate to drive nails into a maple 2x4.:oops:
  11. Allistonfjr

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Lol Harley-Davidson V-Rod Time Capsule | Street, Cruisers & Choppers | Windsor Region | Kijiji Value is gone once ridden.
  12. Allistonfjr

    So are all the demo rides going to be scrapped this year? (but mostly BMW cluster discussion)

    I read somewhere that rider must use BMW's comm system? I may be mistaken. That would piss me off.
  13. Allistonfjr

    So are all the demo rides going to be scrapped this year? (but mostly BMW cluster discussion)

    Yea I just wish BMW just installed Apple CarPlay. Not sure I trust BMW to do GPS well.
  14. Allistonfjr

    So are all the demo rides going to be scrapped this year? (but mostly BMW cluster discussion)

    Signed up last year for BMW's demo days as I did the year before. Then Covid struck. I'm assuming it's a no go again this season. Want to ride the new R1250RT. Rode the previous version and a K bike last time. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon:cool:
  15. Allistonfjr

    COVID and the housing market

    Talented labor and good work ethic are two different things. I agree on the business owners comment.
  16. Allistonfjr

    COVID and the housing market

    Whats harder? Finding good employees. No question about it. Watched a couple over the years walk out once they learned they were actually expected to work. Some just don't get it. There is a lot of work out there and those who show a willingness to put in a good days work will stand out because...
  17. Allistonfjr

    Biden presidency

    No research. Just memory.
  18. Allistonfjr

    Biden presidency

    Didn't you say Trump would get re elected? Or am I mistaken?
  19. Allistonfjr

    Dale Walksler RIP

    Founder of Wheels Through Time. Wheels Through Time Founder Dale Walksler Dead At 68

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