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  1. The Bachelor


    Every memory I had with Simon was fun. Sorry to hear of his passing.
  2. The Bachelor

    2021 insurance renewals

    I threatened to cancel my insurance and they were happy to help. Would not even try to find a savings with the cars, bikes or house. This is a recurring theme every time, where they are willing to let go of $6K to someone with a perfect record.
  3. The Bachelor

    2021 insurance renewals

    My bikes have remained close to the same this year with the cages raising slightly (about 10%). They jacked my house price though knowing that everything is tied together. Been calling around and might be Switching everything but the bikes to CAA.
  4. The Bachelor

    Hello from Mississauga

    Welcome back to the pack and I hope to see you out in the PC area this season.
  5. The Bachelor

    new tuono 660

    Great looking bike and it should be a hit if the reviews are decent.
  6. The Bachelor

    Honda "store"....

    Sales guys come and go frequently so an uninformed seller is quite normal which is fine with me since I already know what I need and want which is why I am there. I called a popular local bike shop this year asking for a 190/55 rear tire and he asked what rim size. Still bought the tire since...
  7. The Bachelor

    I installed the creepy surveillance app/device to get an insurance discount

    You think the increase has anything to do with the data they collected on you??
  8. The Bachelor

    New ducati monster

    Bigpoppa, Ducati always starts a design change with one bike and then follows up the rest when they are due for a refresh, as they need to have all the Monsters look similar for branding purposes, so expect the rest to have this look. As I previously stated, I am not happy with the direction of...
  9. The Bachelor

    New ducati monster

    Ducati design copied the Suzuki Gladius. Great job guys. LOL I am a huge Ducati fan, but they have slowly been getting rid of everything that has made them unique, except for the price. No more trellis frames, desmodromic valves and belts are also disappearing. This will end up being a great...
  10. The Bachelor


    Looking at the number after March, you can mostly see a gradual increase in deaths each year until 2020 and then it spikes. It appears to "die" off in the summer, probably since the virus numbers were going down, but it will be interesting to see the current numbers once they get added to the...
  11. The Bachelor

    More forced induction motorcycles on the way (turbo charged mt 09)

    Turbo does not seem the way to go with R&D when a hybrid motor may be the solution to the future. They bringing back the CX650 Turbo?
  12. The Bachelor

    Master the U-Turn by bret tkacs

    I have aftermarket bars with increased steering stop needing the whole road to turn. Maybe I need the stunters to show a video on quick u turns:)
  13. The Bachelor

    Friday 13 this month

    Yep, the townsfolk want us to keep out and it is a good decision. Just look at what happened to Sturgis. I am riding most of this weekend and will probably ride on the 13th, but will be responsible by riding alone or with a small group where riding is the focus and not walking around in a crowd...
  14. The Bachelor

    Inside the Ducati Factory

    Hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.
  15. The Bachelor

    LoL. Only person that would know that, could also wheelie a Harley

    LoL. Only person that would know that, could also wheelie a Harley
  16. The Bachelor

    Anyone feel like joining me tomorrow (Sunday) for a day trip to Algonquin?

    Not an adult, so I cannot join. Have an awesome trip.
  17. The Bachelor

    Speed cameras

    Waze only works if someone reported it. There is always someone who is going to be the first on scene or first to report. " Thats a little insane, considering most vehicle manufacturers have a 5-7% margin of error on their speedometers. I dare say those tickets wouldnt hold up in court." I...

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