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  1. RobVN

    Pro6 Trac School

    They are very lucky to get the days they do get at CTMP. That will likely never happen.
  2. RobVN

    2021 Shannonville Track Days

    I think I heard that the KSR group had some weekend dates at Grand Bend this year but I can't confirm that. It may be on their facebook page.
  3. RobVN

    Shoei Upgrades RF1200

    Shoei is introducing an upgrade to the RF1200. New one is the RF1400. Sportbike track gear review; Looks good. He is saying solids at $499 and graphics at $599 that's US.
  4. RobVN

    Where to buy aftermarket parts

    You can also try Bayside performance. He is out in BC. Unfortunately sometimes parts are easier to find in the US and even with exchange sometimes cheaper. Only issue now is getting the parts here. I always shipped to my US address but now I cant cross the border to get them. Shipping within the...
  5. RobVN

    2020 GSX-R 1000 Virus

    That's a pretty sweet bike and I am a Suzuki guy but also own a Tuono factory and its hard to measure up to the character of the Tuono.
  6. RobVN

    "Oro Station" new track in Oro-Medonte?

    In the article on the ground breaking it states that this is strictly a testing facility and not a spectator based facility. Its primary use is for testing and development. It doesn't sound like there is going to be racing or motorcycle lapping there.
  7. RobVN

    Bike meets

    We were there 2 weeks ago and no police. Supposed to go tonight but it didn't happen because ppl thought it was going to rain. I don't think it did. i had heard that about the police breaking it up tho.
  8. RobVN

    every friday 3rd line and QEW 5:30pm

    I went on this ride a long time ago. No posts really since 2016. Didn't think it was still going.
  9. RobVN

    Bike meets

    There is a weekly meet by the Timmies on Dundas just east of the 403. We were there a couple weeks ago and there seemed to be quite a few bikes and some cars. We are planning to ride there this Thursday from Niagara.
  10. RobVN

    Photographer - CTMP August 12

    Awesome. Thanks. I will look forward to seeing them.
  11. RobVN

    Best Quickshifter

    I would agree with Brian. If you have a system on your bike that will accept a quick shifter use it. All these aftermarket electronics can lead to more things that can fail on you and can make it harder to diagnose. I have an annitori and it has worked well. I replaced my original annitori which...
  12. RobVN

    Donovan Paige aka Reciprocity

    I only met him early on about 10 years ago at TMP. He had skills. Sorry to hear. Condolences to the family.
  13. RobVN

    China Fairing sets

    Just got a set (finally) from Auctmart a few weeks ago for an 02 gsxr1000 and it fit perfectly . Really happy with the finish. Ordered just before COVID hit so it was stuck in China for a while.. Ended up paying some extra to have it sent by courier and then it shipped,
  14. RobVN

    "Oro Station" new track in Oro-Medonte?

    Maybe the helipad is for ORNGE. :(
  15. RobVN

    2020 CSBK Season cancelled?

    I seen that on their site. They are running 4 classes and a track day on that Sat? Wow! Glad I'm booked on Sunday. Its gonna be busy.
  16. RobVN


    Where can you see all the pics? And i don't have facebook
  17. RobVN


    First time at Grand Bend. I enjoyed the flow of the track. Congrats KSR. You do a great job. I enjoyed my day. Thanks.
  18. RobVN

    Used Small Truck Thread (Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado)

    I have an 06 toyota 4 runner and its been great. It tows what i need. But i saw a GMC Canyon the other day and it had a diesel in it. Guy said its a small Duramax they developed for it. He said he fills it once a month and it can pull like 7000 lbs. I think if i was going to get a small pick up...
  19. RobVN

    TMP vs. SMP

    I was there on Sunday running in the red group. I had no issues with anyone and lots of riders passed me everywhere which is allowed in the group. Yellow and green group can always be sketchy at times. I'm not crazy about TMP for a lot of the reasons listed in this thread. For me it's a test and...
  20. RobVN

    Motorcycle Lapping Sun June 28, 2020

    Yup . That's Donald from Guys with bikes who run the track day. He is usually the guy doing the tech inspections.

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