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  1. Lightcycle

    Working from home and zoom meetings

    Not sure what LD rates you are paying, but Skype to Phone costs $0.037 CAD a minute.
  2. Lightcycle

    New in Toronto (just moved here from Montreal)

    Welcome! Some good ideas on shipping in this thread:
  3. Lightcycle

    2021 insurance renewals

    Maybe it's your postal code? Do you live in Brampton?
  4. Lightcycle

    UK bike magazines go digital...

    Are they monthly issues? If so, I think the whole periodical concept is outdated. Content these days tends to be published more immediately, not released on a schedule. It suits me since I'm basically online every single day. As you alluded, magazines tend to be consumed when you've allocated a...
  5. Lightcycle

    UK bike magazines go digital...

    I'm in a different time zone. But based on the above, I realized you weren't referring to me... Carry on.
  6. Lightcycle

    UK bike magazines go digital...

    I literally had a dozen boxes of those old motorcycle magazines, and quite a few of the UK ones you mentioned: Superbike, Fast Bikes, etc. The center pages in those British mags were aight... We sold everything a few years ago and tried to give away the boxes. Nobody wanted them. Thousands of...
  7. Lightcycle

    Buying the First Bike

    Guy goes with @Evoex to look at a Ninja 250, leaves BMW dealership with a 2021 S1000XR...
  8. Lightcycle

    Buying the First Bike

    A Ninja 250/300 may be your first bike, but it will most definitely not be your last bike. Know the difference between cosmetic damage and mechanical damage. You may be able to save yourself a lot of money by picking up a bike with rashed fairings due to a low-speed dump rather than a shiny bike...
  9. Lightcycle

    Buying the First Bike

    It'll be cheaper now than in April, but realistically, the best time to buy would have been in October/November before the sellers figured out their winter storage situation. If a seller currently has his bike in storage, he's not going to pull it now to sell at a discount, he's going to wait 3...
  10. Lightcycle

    They call me O.G.

    Nice bike! Welcome back!
  11. Lightcycle

    Biden presidency

    Mod needs to merge all the US threads. To Trash Talk...
  12. Lightcycle

    magats take over congress

    F-in ballers in this thread.
  13. Lightcycle

    magats take over congress

    I can't afford an HD. I'm not a dentist.
  14. Lightcycle

    magats take over congress

    No. In my garage with my KTM. Can't afford to take it to the shop. bike Kosts Too Much.
  15. Lightcycle

    magats take over congress

  16. Lightcycle

    A REAL adv creation.

    For me it was those concrete patches at several turns that had my sphincter puckering on the motorcycle seat. I heard they tore them out and resurfaced after we left. Would have liked to have tried it out with the new asphalt.
  17. Lightcycle

    A REAL adv creation.

    I remember they had some problems with the aerodynamics on those race cars. Downforce quickly became an aerofoil...
  18. Lightcycle

    new s1000r

  19. Lightcycle

    Quick Question

    I had a bike with no sticker for the past 8 years. Called insurance, got a policy, went to the website, paid for a sticker with my credit card and it showed up in the mail within a couple of weeks (might be longer with COVID). Pasted it on, and good to go. Didn't even have to talk to a real...
  20. Lightcycle

    Who's dreaming up something big for next year?

    "Meet you at The. Gas. Station." "Which one?" "The. Gas. Station." "Bruh...."

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