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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2020 Edition)

    You're at the Timmies on hwy 2 Port Hope. must have been heading for lakeshore? Still wasn't too bad last week. Good goin' guys!
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    BMW Service/Warranty Options For Former Endras Customers

    I bought my 1250 GS at downtown BMW. Last winter the service dept were doing a milk run in eastern On and stopped in to pick it up and then retuned it after a service. I'd call downtown and try to arrange something considering riding season has ground down. Maybe even call the sales guys as a...
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    Motorcycle Rentals in America

    After hauling down to Bikeweek in march a few times, I agree , and so does wifey, Eagle Rider rentals for any U.S. trips. Did it once in Vegas and loved it.
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2020 Edition)

    Went out for a quick rip yesterday afternoon. Lakeshore from Port Hope ,up county rd 9 and back to Cobourg. didn't need to but wanted to. Keep forgetting the huge temperature difference on Hwy 28 between Bewdley and Port Hope.
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2020 Edition)

    I have the vest and hoodie and have heard about an adapter cable. Where do you suppose I could buy one?
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2020 Edition)

    I' ve already got the streetglide up on the jack and the DR 650 ready for winter. I've been out at least once a month for the last 5 or so years. You need the right bike to do this though. Some winter months are cut quite close , but you need to take the day when it happens and the proper road...
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    Endras Motorrad Out of Business

    I've bought a few new bikes there, they were always good to deal with. I thought they were always busy enough. But it does boil down to people. You lose someone like Owen and where can you steal away somebody else from, the field isn't that large.. Thanks Endras, nice to see you appreciated all...
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    Finding Washrooms when riding (covid)

    We rode up through Parry Sound to Haliburton area yesterday. You take your chances at Timmies/ gas stations. No consistent practices , even with big chains, that you can count on . We did notice and even stop at one of the Canals parking area where they have the liftlock. They at least have...
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    [SUGGESTION] Tire inflator

    I bought one 5 years ago called the cycle pump.Made for ADV's when changing between off/on road. Has clips for battery with a fuse or plugs into a socket. Very powerful and small but probably expensive now with our exchange rate.
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    Apr 25th riders voted with their wheels...time to ride.

    We could barely steer our bikes north of Coboug / Campbellford / Trenton today due to all the waving going on. All riders were behaving respectfully.
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    New Dealer

    So I spoke with the Serpa folks yesterday and they called to say they're no longer a BMW motorad dealer. Apparently they have sold that division to Maranello ( sorry for spelling) BMW and are moving into the old Kahuna building early next year. They also plan to sell Ducati's from the same...
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    Should I Go Riding Today?

    Got the new,for me,ride out yesterday.Traded up and picked her up on the wagon last week. Maybe not the brightest thing to do but I was really weak. This was in and around Colborne and Grafton.
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    Viva Las Vegas

    Hey all. Sorry but i'm trying to figure out how to post pics here. I am just doing a test here. This's Red Rock canyon and the '13 streetglide
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    Trailer heads-up

    For any of you with enclosed trailers. Maybe sometime this weekend have a look at your roof. We're in the highway trailer business,and let me tell you,we've been cleaning roofs for days. Only a few inches of ice will de-arch your roof. Once that sag is there water will always collect and leaks...
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    Viva Las Vegas

    Wifey and I just got back from a week of riding in and around Las Vegas. I thought i'd add to some of the other posts on the subject/location. We rented a H-D streetglide for me and a heritage softail for my wife from Eaglerider. HIGHLY RECOMMEND these folks as the bikes and the people are top...
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    No show demo

    Well not exactly a no show,more of a no go. Went to the last H-D demo for the 2014 Harley's (rushmore) up in Peterborough this morning. The fancy rig was there but they wouldn't unload,officially because of threat of rain,and left before the event start time. Rumor has it that they've had such a...
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    Hi everyone,2 for 1 deal

    My wife and I both have bikes and are always out around Cobourg ,Belleville,PTBO,OSHAWA. I really find this site useful and interesting.Hope to be able to add something that the crowd might enjoy.

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