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  1. Michael0124

    Parallel Twins Take Over-Cycle World article

    Interesting read.
  2. Michael0124

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Clean title translates to "I didn't have insurance when I crashed it, so no claims!" The ad says it looks nothing like it did that an improvement? How bad was it? With all those stickers I bet that thing is putting out close to 300hp...
  3. Michael0124

    Dark mode on GTA ?

    On the iPhone app, click the three bars on the top right, click settings and it's the first option, " night reading mode". I can't remember how on an android but it has a setting for it as well.
  4. Kappa K35 top box

    Kappa K35 top box

    Bought this from a fellow forum member last year for my VFR800 and didn't use it, won't be putting it on my new bike. Great condition, asking what I paid for it.
  5. Michael0124

    Motorcycle Memes....

    That's me. I'm Bob. [emoji23]🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Michael0124

    Hello from Mississauga

    He rode for 4 years, maybe his M2 expired? Did they have graduated licensing back then? Regardless, welcome back and wow what a nice bike to start back on! I really like those, not far from 50 myself and I've thought about one for when I get, ahem, a bit older. Congrats and enjoy it!
  7. Michael0124

    Scotch anyone?

    This guy I work with, loves Scotch and has more money than he knows what to do with so he's got quite the collection. Blows my mind how he can spend a couple grand on a bottle and describe why it's worth that much. My palette isn't quite so developed for these fancy drinks, I'm quite content...
  8. Michael0124

    Reverse brake bleeding question

    I finally got around to installing the braided lines. The old brake fluid looked like coffee, might actually have been the original stuff in there. I installed the rear line first, very easy with reverse bleeding it took about 20 minutes to complete. The fronts were a different story, the...
  9. Michael0124

    fortnine killer tricycle

    My godparents had a farm when I was a kid and they had a few of these. Being the headstrong tween I was I didn't listen when my parents told me not to ride it, took about 5 minutes before I flipped it and took a nice chunk of skin off my leg lol. Thankfully I wasn't hurt badly and they never...
  10. Michael0124

    Goodbye 2020

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and to move forward from the **** show it's been with prosperity, health and happiness for 2021.
  11. Michael0124

    Steam powered motorcycle

    Probably the least practical power source for a motorcycle but cool as hell. Gotta admire his determination to make it work.
  12. Michael0124

    Favourite Christmas songs

    I don't have a favourite Christmas song because bahumbug, but I have been hearing Baby it's Cold Outside quite a bit at work. Not sure if it's because it's SiriusXM and not regular radio ( I never listen so not sure if it's playing there) but weren't the snowflakes all up in arms about that one...
  13. Michael0124

    I installed the creepy surveillance app/device to get an insurance discount

    There is a line on that pic that sticks out for me, "recent acceleration events lowered your score". How do they know if you accelerated just because, or you had to to avoid getting smoked by someone coming into your lane? Or you were merging onto a busy highway off a short ramp? What is the...
  14. Michael0124

    I'm not too sure about this...

    Two of them, staggered to get that potato potatah sound.
  15. Michael0124

    I'm not too sure about this...

    Bit of wd40, it'll be fine.
  16. Michael0124

    Motorcycle Memes....

  17. Michael0124

    Carrol Shelby's personal Cobra up for sale

    Article says he modified it and painted it during his ownership, but then was restored to original spec. I know modding a car won't increase value and at best it won't decrease value...but considering by who's hand it was modified by I'm wondering if it would have been worth more if they left it...
  18. Michael0124

    Carrol Shelby's personal Cobra up for sale

    I'm curious what it will go for, these cars are highly desirable as is, rare options and the pedigree of The Man himself owning it should set a new record.
  19. Michael0124

    Bazzaz or PC5

    I bought it with a slip on with the baffle in, stock air filter and no other "performance" mods on it. From what I understand it's pretty common on Yamaha's of this generation, some worse than others.
  20. Michael0124

    Bazzaz or PC5

    Lots of great info here and I've been doing some more research on the subject, I'm thinking the flash is the way to go and if need be then add a fuel controller. I've been communicating with David at vcyclenut ( nice guy BTW, super quick to reply and very informative) about the flash and he...

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