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    Buying the First Bike

    Before you buy anything, get an insurance quote first. Even if you aren't licensed, tell them you are just to get an idea. You don't want to be that guy/gal who buys a bike only to find out insurance is astronomical.
  2. Relax

    A REAL adv creation.

    Meanwhile, this guy did the same trip on a basically stock Ducati 998, then continued on for another 80,000 km's so far:
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    GTA bmw mechanic

    Ken is the only mechanic I trust for anything I don't want to do myself. If it's an exhaust that's designed specifically for your bike, you might want to consider installing it yourself. It's probably one of the simplest DIY projects. A slip-on is literally unbolting your stock muffler and...
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    Need insurance help!

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that the 89 GSX-R 750 RK didn't come with inverted forks. It also didn't have a dry clutch - that was the 1986 Limited (GSX-R 750 R). I'm an RK freak, having owned one previously.
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    Need insurance help!

    Contact @NFP Moto: "Restricted to officially sanctioned RALLIES, Motorcycle Events, Parades, Motorcycle Shows, meets ”. That can mean a ride or event that has been organized, advertised (does not have to...
  6. Relax

    Need insurance help!

    Nope, the 89 RR's (technically RK's) came with normal forks. The Canadian 1990 regular production GSXR 750's were the first to get inverted forks. US market got standard forks for some reason, so when you look at pics of a 90, you will see both forks. Probably something to do with NHTSA.
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    Free USPS shipping to Canada (over $99.90) from (heated gear)

    I just noticed at the top of their page that it says: "Free US & Canadian Shipping, USPS Priority 2 to 3 days, Canada, time depends on your customs people, for orders over $99.90" Pretty rare for a US company to ship to Canada at no cost, and with USPS to boot (meaning lower likelihood of...
  8. Relax

    MT07 or MT09

    Insurance cost may sway you one way or the other between the -07 and -09. But a supermoto should be about half, and even more fun. Plus if you want to go off-roading, all you need is a second set of wheels/tires.
  9. Relax

    Working from home and zoom meetings

    Great show. One of the few my whole family enjoys.
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    Hi Newbee any good app for motorcycle

    The Pirelli app monitors your lean angle as you ride. A couple of the guys in one of my groups like to compare at stops. Don't know how accurate, but certainly entertaining.
  11. Relax

    2021 insurance renewals

    I was offered the 12 month option when I was with them a couple years ago.
  12. Relax

    How did this stay under the radar for 3 weeks?

    If the response from DNA is to be believed (that the FBI requires them not to comment), then that's not surprising.
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    I'll bet this is exactly what the people who infected everyone else thought.
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    Working from home and zoom meetings

    If you're looking from something on the budget side, I've had this Hyken full mesh fabric chair from Staples for 2.5 years, which occasionally goes on sale for about $150 or less. It only has 3 locked tilt positions, or unlock it and have it recline based on your weight vs. adjustable spring...
  15. Relax

    magats take over congress

    Marketing Matters.
  16. Relax

    Ducati collectors

    I remember that day. I was lucky enough to be behind him for a few laps, taking in the glorious sound of the exhaust!
  17. Relax

    History of the Ducati Monster

    Except that they filmed the movie with a 996
  18. Relax

    Naked/Sportbike Decision

    LOL. OP wants a bike to do 30-60 minute rips. Why is anyone surprised that people are recommending ADV bikes?
  19. Relax

    Naked/Sportbike Decision

    Yup, best to contact an insurer. Better yet multiple insurers.
  20. Relax

    Naked/Sportbike Decision

    OP, what are your reasons for wanting a naked bike? There's a big difference between wanting to do it just because you can vs. needing to do it because either your body or wallet can't handle it anymore. In the latter case, there's really no choice.

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