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  1. AngelEyez

    Nurse values her job more than life ? I'm sorry saving her life is against our policy

    What is this world coming to: I'm not a nurse, but aren't nurse's required to take some sort of oath similar to the hippocratic oath? I think her concern about losing her job by saving...
  2. AngelEyez

    "Daddy doesn't like my lesbian ways... "

    This story is unbelievable:
  3. AngelEyez

    Anyone else fall for this scam ?
  4. AngelEyez

    Jamaica Anyone ?

    So me and a couple of girlfriends are looking into Jamaica for an all inclusive relaxing getaway in October. Not looking to party it up - just want to relax and have access to good spa, amenities and beautiful beaches. I have never been. Already did Dominican and Mexico and friends have...
  5. AngelEyez

    WTB aftermarket performance exhaust for my 2010 Ninja 250R

    So I'm looking for an aftermarket performance exhaust for my 2010 Ninja 250R... haven't really decided which brand.... Any advice, recommendations, good places to buy from, and/or if your selling let me know.
  6. AngelEyez

    Front and Rear Stands for a Bike - Any Recommendations?

    So i need to get a set of front and rear stands for my bike. I don't want to spend a ton of money on it but I also don't want something so cheap that I'll walk into my garage one day and find my bike on the floor due to a stand malfunction. Any recommendations? I'm leaning towards the Venom...
  7. AngelEyez

    Laser Eye Surgery Anyone?

    Has anyone gotten this done or know anyone who got this done? If so I have a few questions: 1) What was your/their prescription before you/they got it done? 2) Who did you/they go with and why? 3) How much did it cost? 4) Happy with the results? Side effects? Regrets? Things that would have...
  8. AngelEyez

    Sunday July 8, 2012 - Ride To Wasaga Beach

    Me and a few girls are thinking of doing a ride to Wasaga Beach tomorrow, taking Airport Road, might do Hockley and Mono Centre on the way up. Meeting at Tims on hwy 7 just west of Weston Rd at 10:30 am. Will be new rider friendly, easy pace. We'll get some sun on the beach and then head back...
  9. AngelEyez

    Ride Music

    Is it me or is this song about a girl who rides a motorcycle? :D
  10. AngelEyez

    Women's Motorcycle Jackets - Sizes S and XS and Gauntlet Gloves Size 8

    I have two Women's Motorcycle Jackets for sale - The Grey Sweet Heart by Joe Rocket - New Condition - Size XS The HONDA Mesh Jacket also by Joe Rocket is Size S I also have a pair of black FXR Gauntlet gloves in size 8 women's. No Reasonable offer will be refused. I'm in the GTA.

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