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  1. Baggsy

    Ottawa Safety Council is doing an instructor recruitement

    Courses are mainly in Bells Corners. Some may be in North Kanata. Have to be able to ride, especially low speed, and complete the course test with few points. Teaching training will be given, but not much riding training. Suggestion is at least 3 years experience.
  2. Baggsy

    Canada is ******

    This thread is long overdue. We're still overshadowed by the U.S.A., but Trudeau isn't long to be overshadowed by Trump. U.K. is booking appointments. U.S. is getting ready to ship. Canada is sitting on it's hands. When are we getting the vaccine? Anybody here going down south to get...
  3. Baggsy

    Fall Back this weekend

  4. Baggsy

    Stiff soled boots

    It's actually easier for my heel to lift than for the sole to flex. There's also a lot of stiff plastic on top of the foot. As a solution, I'm just going to wear them inside over the winter, and annoy my wife. If they're still stiff in the Spring, I'll adjust the shift lever.
  5. Baggsy

    Never seen this before

  6. Baggsy

    Lakeshore was closed, eastbound bikes on QEW/Gardiner were splitting

    Almost lost my right mirror. Guy went missing, before we hit Jameson. Then another went flying up between the other lanes, before veering wildly across 3 lanes. If you guys are going to shut down traffic and bring back pollution, you'll have to figure out what to do/about them.
  7. Baggsy

    Be careful out there

    Traffic is heavier, people are still driving as though it were light, and everyone seems to have more aggression that they need to get rid of on the road.
  8. Baggsy

    Zoom is currently down

    Church service crashed and burned. Zoom down: users of video calling platform reporting audio and visual errors globally
  9. Baggsy

    Thinking about adjustable levers

    For a 2009 DL650SEA Is the only site to look? I saw these: Motorcycle Foldable Extendable CNC Brake Clutch Levers For Suzuki SV650/S 1999-2009 For Suzuki DL650/V-STROM 2004-2010 For Suzuki 600/750 KATANA 1998-2006 (Orange), Clutch - Amazon Canada
  10. Baggsy

    Housing during SARS-CoV-2 lockdown, before, during and after - Renting vs Owning

    Let's clear some of this out of the other discussion. Go for it . . .
  11. Baggsy

    Justin Time

    We need a thread, (or I want a thread), on Justin, and how he's doing. We've already got one on Doug from the famous Bob and Doug duo. Someone else should start, since I don't like him. I think of him as a different twist on the Trump personality.
  12. Baggsy

    Up in Smoke

    Why isn't it on Netflix for 4 20 20 20?
  13. Baggsy

    Booking a Gearing Up or M2X Course?

    Now is a good time. The April-June courses are starting to book up.
  14. Baggsy

    Getting ready for the season

    I haven't ever done much of this yet. Being somewhat stupid myself, I tend to spend most of my winter arguing with the rest of you stupid people on GTAM. I've discovered though, that I tend to eat somewhat unconsciously while I'm thinking over arguments, whether I respond or not. This year...
  15. Baggsy

    Quality Construction Tools

    Who still makes them? Are there any new players? My kid wants a toolbox for Christmas, but many of the off the shelf ones from Crappy Tire are crap. Are there any good ones, or should I pick out some decent individual tools?
  16. Baggsy

    Long 2 week trip - What am I going to forget?

    I'm heading down to the Barber museum, via tail of the dragon. The plan is to motel, all the way there and back. What am I going to wish I'd brought with me?
  17. Baggsy

    Is this still a thing? Looks fun.

  18. Baggsy

    What happens when you have a computer, four monitors, and too much time on your hands?

    Monitor base complete Bootup Success Cat tax

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