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  1. oomis

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

    TL / DR I bought a new bike, and you don't like it. Last year when on a trip down to the Dragon, I rode past a motorcycle rental outfit that had a Yamaha Niken. I had seen pictures of them and seen one at a motorcycle show, but had never seen one in the wild. The opportunity to rent one for a...
  2. oomis

    Where to get seat done for rat project?

    I have a longstanding project I'm looking to get finished, but one outstanding thing is the seat. I'm not looking for anything complicated, but the seat has to be removeable or lift somehow because the bolts for the seat pan are right where the seat should be. Anyone have any recommendations?
  3. oomis

    4 or 5 day trip to PA/WV

    #@$* it, I'm headed out tomorrow for a wander. 4 or 5 days south-ish into PA / WV with no firm plans. Medium to brisk pace, aiming for back roads and twisties. Kickstand up @ 5 am. Anyone want to join me?
  4. oomis

    Kids loft bed for sale

  5. oomis

    Axio hard tailback for sport bikes / sport touring

    Black, in very good condition. Easy to install, looks sleek. See kijiji posting for link to a review.
  6. oomis

    Wunderlicht handlebar bag for dual-sport/adventure touring bikes

    In great shape, minimally used. $60
  7. oomis

    Brand New Gorilla Motorcycle Alarm 7007

    Edit: sold. $50
  8. oomis

    Big Bike Thread

    I thought I'd start a thread for those of us that have bigger bikes, because it feels a bit like we don't have a home. I've owned 2 V-stroms, a 650 and a 1000 and am currently 65,000 kms into a R1200GSW. Mostly, I've treated these bikes like touring bikes, but with the GS, I've started to do...
  9. oomis

    Trans-Lab 2017

    Starting the planning process for a 3 week trip in late July 2017. Going to do the trans-lab, across the water to Newfoundland, L'anse aux Meadows, a couple of days of hiking and camping in Gros Morne National Park, down the west coast to the ferry to Sydney, then the Cabot Trail, then...
  10. oomis

    2013 dl650 abs exp

    $7800.00 Link to kijiji ad with pics: Selling my wife's bike - she bought another. For sale is a matte grey 2013 Suzuki DL650 ABS EXP with 18,789 kms. This motorcycle was...
  11. oomis

    North Carolina

    I debated whether or not to post this here, and despite the suspicion that this thread is going to devolve quickly, I'm going to anyway. Recently, the NC state legislature has enacted a mind-boggling piece of legislation, called "The Bathroom Bill", or HB2. I'll give you my understanding of...
  12. oomis

    Motorcycle Stands

    I'm looking for opinions from folks on motorcycle stands, front and rear. I'm looking for a set for my garage that I could use on multiple motorcycles (street bikes, not track)- sort of universally applicable, mostly for wheel removal. This means paddle-style swingarm stand for the rear...
  13. oomis

    Ford Edge?

    Looking at replacing a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. Thought I loved it, put a mild lift and some nice, black 33's on it, but the rustic charm is wearing a bit thin. It's been a good tow vehicle - open trailer, 2 bikes. But it's a total mall-crawler, and honestly exhausting to drive for longer...
  14. oomis

    Lemonade season-ender (spoiler alert)

    For the 2 people following my sadly neglected ride report (insert excuse here) I just wanted to let you know that I landed a new role that I'm excited about, starting in early November. You know what that means. One last trip. I'm going to take a week starting on Saturday and head south...
  15. oomis

    Headed North - The Lemonade Tour

    In January, I took a new job. I left a company I was with for 12 years for something new - a chance to be a part of something really interesting. It was a high risk, high reward sort of gig. Long story short, there were a log of things wrong with the situation, and I wasn't happy. But I...
  16. oomis

    SV650 Track bike running poorly

    Full backstory, may not all be relevant but I'll include it in case - I have a 99 SV650 (carburated) track bike that's been in storage for a while. Float bowls were drained, bike was put on a trickle charger, gas tank full of Shell 91 with Seafoam in to stabilize it. Kept (mostly) in a heated...
  17. oomis

    NC bound

    Leaving Saturday for a week. Going to spend a couple of days in Linville just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, and then headed to Robbinsville for the usual Deal's Gap nonsense. I head down there every year, and while the area around the Dragon is starting to get a bit old for me, I'm headed down...
  18. oomis

    2013/14 BMW R1200GSW OEM panniers for sale

    Kijiji link: For sale are the OEM panniers from a 2013 R1200GSW (liquid cooled). Were bought new from Toronto BMW Motorrad, were on the bike for ~200 kms. Are in flawless...
  19. oomis

    2003 SV1000 track bike for sale

  20. oomis

    Track bodywork

    I have an FZ1 (gen2) that I'm considering tracking, and there doesn't seem to be track bodywork available for it. I'm wondering what folks do if there's no bodywork available for their bike - I can't be the first person to have run into this problem. Is there anyone that has experience doing...

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