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  1. J

    magats take over congress

    ONE member had the stones to acknowledge my post about the dead MAGA chick RIP she died for the most useless of causes wrapped in a Trump flag what a sad way to go as she was bleeding out that POS was calling GOP Senators still trying to steal the election
  2. J

    magats take over congress

    stupid MAGA ***** gets shot breaking into the Capitol and bleeds out laying on a Trump flag, the irony, RIP and I beg to differ, looks like a 9mm round in fact stopped her quite easily drive-by troll, ciao
  3. J

    Bobcaygeon OPP

    maybe they can share with co-workers how sh1tty it feels to shoot and kill an infant and next time an *******, armed, disgruntled father absconds with his kid they can find a solution that doesn't involve 2 dead people fuk them, they get paid for this, suck it up and take the free counselling...
  4. J

    Bobcaygeon OPP

    situation didn't need a social worker it needed cops with training other than get the car off the road, now start shooting because one of us has been harmed they had nothing else in the toolkit with 20 officers involved, surely there must be a Supervisor involved? hindsight is easy, but it's...
  5. J

    Bobcaygeon OPP

    yeah, the driver died in hospital
  6. J

    Bobcaygeon OPP

    I would think the primary concern in an abduction or hostage taking would be to secure the safety of the abductee or the hostage the first action - spike belt in front of a speeding vehicle - endangered the second action - gunfire, killed the abductee/hostage hard to see this as anything...
  7. J

    Bobcaygeon OPP

    is there enough known about the domestic situation to classify the boy a hostage? the dad is dead, kid is dead, so we have mom's story on record
  8. J

    Bobcaygeon OPP

    OPP knew who the driver was, knew where he lived, knew the vehicle they also knew there was a 1 year old in the truck what was the screaming panic to stop the truck and get in a firefight? a spike belt across the road with a speeding vehicle and an infant inside bad idea 3 cops open fire on...
  9. J

    More fortnine goodness

    failure mode was predictable (most) car drivers don't want to travel on a bike bike owners don't want a soul-less plastic suppository
  10. J

    2020/2021 Raptors-NBA Thread

    second half of that game was interesting new names got some significant time Flynn looks like a solid draft
  11. J

    Anyone know how to fix motorcycle parts retail in Canada?

    buy an Italian bike you only get one
  12. J

    Bazzaz or PC5

    it's a disproportionate response to the input gives the throttle and on/off feeling very prominent at low RPM and terrible in first gear a well mapped FI will feel the same as a well adjusted carbed bike I like to compare it to audio gear a carb and good FI are are like a turntable: analog...
  13. J

    2020 MotoGP Discussion (NO LINKS)

    “At certain point I didn’t feel the arm was mine”, he said in a statement that generates chills. it sure does at this point the concern goes beyond racing
  14. J

    Buying a property / cabin / cottage for 90% AirBNB. Anyone done it?

    some good points but you have to take a big discount for long term rentals a decent airbnb, average cottage/cabin in good location, is 150-200 /night how many folks you gonna get to pay 4500 - 6000/month? not many likely have to get it down around 2500 to keep it occupied 150/day for short...
  15. J

    uninsuring my car?

    I keep an electronic sig on file drop it onto the proper field, save as PDF then use this free service shows up in the recipients machine with proper looking fax header they never know that you didn't have the piece of paper in your hands
  16. J

    Bills Are For Real

    Bills v Steelers tomorrow night a few prime time games this year are an indication of their elevated status the #2 and #3 AFC teams, definite playoff implications one of these 2 teams is likely to go against the Chiefs in AFC champ game I'd like to see the Pats out of the picture this year...
  17. J

    Is This Normal For All Dealers?

    tires out of balance will be evident at far less than 156 kmh brake test doesn't need that speed either tech went for a joy ride dealer principal replied with arrogant, condescending BS this I'd guess is why they're trying to recruit a proper Service Manager that jerk shouldn't be allowed to...
  18. J

    Justin Time

    that is actually true Hillary was a classic example after every question, there was a delay as she spun up the best answer for the situation "where am I, who's asking? who will see this? " people recognize disingenuous when they see it
  19. J

    uninsuring my car?

    some probably still use them my bank does, only way to send them wire transfer instructions health care industry still uses fax my ins broker lately has been asking to have cancellation voucher returned they will cancel the policy on a phone call, but want that doc for their files
  20. J

    Is This Normal For All Dealers?

    Kat's thread...I ain't gonna say, publicly

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