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  1. moarmoto

    Good Deal on Affordable Android Phone

    I put lineage 16 (pie) on my s7 but rolled back because certain features were gone. Also the camera it came with was really bad. Tried to get gcam working but had some trouble. Other 3rd party cam apps weren't as good as Samsung's own. I thought to myself that I do which IT stuff at work and...
  2. moarmoto

    Good Deal on Affordable Android Phone

    My samsung s7 capped out couple weeks ago so I was looking into xiaomi phones. After reading bunch of reviews, I decided on redmi note 7. But being a cheap, ended up replacing motherboard on my s7 and fixed it. For sure, I wouldn't hesitate to get a xiaomi phone from what I'm reading. You need...
  3. moarmoto

    Butt hurts when sitting on bike after certain period

    I think I read that you have a gladius. This guy is selling a corbin. He's in Cornwall but you could make a trip out of it. I bought mine used (also gladius) for 200 bucks 2 years ago and it is a definite improvement. I was hesitent because of price but looking back, no regrets. Brand new is...
  4. moarmoto

    Icon Jacket Liner

    I've been using uniqlo lightweight down for colder days and it's really nice. The thing is really thin too
  5. moarmoto

    Insuring a second bike

    How does it work policy fee wise? Let's say you have bike #1 that costs 500/yr and bike #2that costs 1000/yr. What do you actually pay?
  6. moarmoto

    Ram Mounts

    You could tether it. Also to reduce wind noise, stick a furry material around the mic hole. You can google mic muff(?). Might get some nsfw content cuz of muff. Edit: sorry, thought you meant camera, not phone. But tethering still applies.
  7. moarmoto

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    That guy also has a 84 vfr for 1500. I'm starting to like older retro sportbikes (or sportbike looking)
  8. moarmoto

    Fork spring spacer

    Problem solved. Bough 10ft and asked them to cut in half so it fits in car. If anyone needs spacer material let me know.
  9. moarmoto

    Fork spring spacer

    Good to know, thanks From websites of big box stores (lowes, home depot) it looks like they come in 10ft as well, bit cheaper. I'll check them out in person.
  10. moarmoto

    Fork spring spacer

    Apparently the 1inch schedule 40 pvc pipe has outer diameter that fits into gladius/sv650 forks pretty nicely. Thanks for the offer but I think I'll just buy 10ft. Ive been googling some diy stuff and I have a few ideas on what I can do with extra pipe.
  11. moarmoto

    Fork spring spacer

    Are you referring to union pipe fittings? If I'm googling it right, I don't think those will work. I haven't taken apart the forks yet so I don't know exactly the length I'll need. I'm trying to get the pipes in advance so I don't have to run out to a store in the middle of working on it.
  12. moarmoto

    Fork spring spacer

    I'm planning to swap fork springs suited for my weight. I got a pair of racetech springs but they don't come with spacers. Reading bunch of forums I can use 1inch schede 40 pvc or abs pipes. I've been to all the big box stores and smaller plumbing stores and they only sell them in 10ft...
  13. moarmoto

    GTAM at the Spring Motorcycle Show - Apr 6-7 2019

    Can't wait to see GTAM at the Spring Motorcycle Show Apr 6-7 2019
  14. moarmoto

    IF MC insurance was $400/yr, would you own more than one bike?

    I'll probably get a second bike for sure. Then probably a third. Then maybe a fourth.
  15. moarmoto

    Not 100% motorcycle related but...

    Lids is having a sale on selected hats for 6 bucks. I saw a few alpinestars hats on sale, so kind of motorcycle related? There are others as well, but I'm not a sports person. To avoid shipping you can do pickup I think. Haven't...
  16. moarmoto

    Brake fluid reservoir

    Thoughts on this? Looks nice from pics and price is good. The reservoir relocation bracket on ebay that looks similar is about the same price.
  17. moarmoto

    Warning label removal help

    As I always have on all my bikes, I decided to remove warning labels yesterday. From my prior experiences, it should've been an easy job. Heat with hair dryer, lift up a corner, then peel off slowly, then remove adhesive residue with goo gone or bug & tar remover. To my surprise, the one on...
  18. moarmoto

    Buying a motorcycle with lien

    I have a bike that I really want to get about 3 hours away from me. I went over to take a look at his place. Everything seemed to be in working order, and price is reasonable compared to other bikes in GTA. The only thing is that the seller has a lien on it. I've done some research online...
  19. moarmoto

    2013 Ninja 300

    Sold. Though I kind of question its future well-being

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