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  1. JP0160

    HOV Lane....fingers crossed everyone

    How reliable is this "source" though? If someone were to start using the lanes now would we still get a ticket? AFAIK if its not posted, doesn't matter what the "new" law is, cop will ticket you for whats posted at that current time. I'm no expert though.
  2. JP0160

    The daily commute

    Haha, I like that chart. I wave to everyone except e-bikes, but I'll only wave BACK to a harley. If you see a vintage bronze Magna be sure to post me :)
  3. JP0160


    I did the online practice tests about a hundred times, whizzed through the exam with a perfect score. It really helps! Ride by yourself for a while, like the first 500km, and don't go far from town. Learn to do your own maintenence too! Its easy on a bike.
  4. JP0160

    Dealership Won't Give Motorcycle Even After Paying In Full

    Interesting. When I bought my CBR new from Markham outdoor power I got it delivered to my home for free in January and didn't have insurance until April. I can't recall when I received the ownership or plate, but I think I paid the dealer a licensing fee. I can't remember how I got my plate...
  5. JP0160

    A noobs 1984 Magna rebuild

    Couple things were done over the last year. Mostly just riding it, put over 15000km on last season. Main gas line split over the winter so both tanks were flushed and all new lines and fuel filters were added. Decided to change the color to a flat metallic bronze, fresh tires, custom choke...
  6. JP0160

    Determining production numbers for bikes

    How would I go about finding how many of a certain bike were built? I've gotten as far as knowing my bike was the 5899th made in 1984, but I haven't found any info to show how many were actually made.
  7. JP0160

    Very close call today

    I was inches away from being crushed between an F-150 and a Chevy Cruze on the 404 today around 5pm. Typical 404 northbound traffic, I was in the HOV lane riding pretty close to the line like I usually do. A man came up beside me and said he thinks the guy behind me is drunk, I unplugged my...
  8. JP0160

    Replacing 30+yr old fuel lines/filter

    Quick question, I want to replace my 30+ year old fuel lines with something more modern that can deal with ethanol fuel. I understand the o-rings and such in the carbs are probably made from the same old rubber, and they will be replaced with a full carb service at the end of this season. My...
  9. JP0160

    Wanted: Black 7/8 hydraulic clutch master with 16mm bore and side exit

    My cheapo Ebay masters worked for a bit, but the clutch side has started to bind and grind a bit, polluting my fluid. I reverse bled the slave so there's no shmoo in my system, but it can't stay like that forever. Brake side still seems to be working well. Anyone have an old one sitting around...
  10. JP0160

    Tips for riding with young passengers

    My 5 y/o son recently started asking to come on my bike, so we bought him a helmet and gloves a few weeks ago. We've been over the 'rules' many times: Always hold on tight, lean with me in the corners, never be silly and never be scared. We went on our first ride yesterday and he had a blast...
  11. JP0160

    A noobs 1984 Magna rebuild

    I bought a 1984 V30 Honda Magna with 43k early April this year after selling my first bike, a 2015 CBR300R. I had put ~35000km on in 2 seasons and decided I wanted something a bit older I could fix up and mod a little bit. I waited until I found a bike that sounded and ran very strong, with...
  12. JP0160

    Average price to paint tank, small side panels and small rear fender?

    Had a bit of an issue with my paint today, I did 3 coats primer 4 coats black a few days ago and it came out beautiful. Went to clear it today and it resisted terribly even after a proper cleaning. Did the same when I resprayed one part black too. Need to sand and reprime/paint it all in 1...
  13. JP0160

    This is why you change your brake/clutch fluid.

    34 years, OEM fluids in an 84 Magna V30. After a full flush they feel like new!
  14. JP0160

    safety inspection questions

    Getting my bike certified this week before the sale. Have a couple questions about what they will allow: Aftermarket slip-on allowed? I could bring OEM to swap in if required. OEM has CC, aftermarket doesn't. Do I need reflectors? Do they need to be in factory positions or can I use stick-on's...
  15. JP0160

    2015 CBR300r ABS SE with upgrades, 35000km, $3000

    2015 CBR300R, ABS, matte black, tasteful upgrades, 9/10 condition 35,000km. No test rides unless cash in hand, will certify without issues. Runs and feels like new, link to kijiji ad is: http:// Only selling to upgrade, gonna miss this...
  16. JP0160

    Selling a bike with $$ still owing.

    Looking to upgrade my bike within the next month or so. Still owe about 900$. Is it acceptable to put the bike up for sale (with full disclosure of still owing $$), then get a statement from Honda saying exactly whats owed, then meet the buyer at the bank and have him write up a draft to Honda...
  17. JP0160

    Change coolant if removing right crank cover? CBR300

    I have some Barnett clutch springs to put in my bike and was gonna do it today with some fresh oil. It looks pretty straight forward but I cant figure out if I will need to drain the coolant or not. I'll be removing the right crank case cover and it contains the water pump, not sure if it will...
  18. JP0160

    how to flare chain pins

    Not my photo. I was referring to the flares you see on the pins. I originally purchased a 110 link and took 2 off to fit my bike, now with the larger sprocket I added one of those links back in. When I reinstalled the link the flares had flattened out a bit from being pushed through the plate...
  19. JP0160

    how to flare chain pins

    I changed my sprockets and am adding one link to my chain. I've got it all together just fine but I don't have a flaring tool to make the 4 flares on the pins I removed and reinstalled. Do I need to re-flare them, and does anyone have an idea of a diy tool or some way I can modify my chain...
  20. JP0160

    delrin rod

    I need 1.5" solid delrin rod for some custom slider plugs. I only need about a foot in total, maybe 2 if I make a new design later. I'm having trouble finding a small amount like that locally and most the websites I found charge crazy shipping or won't sell that small amount. Any ideas?

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