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  1. Torren

    Motorcycle Safety Certificate Checklist (Ontario)?

    Well son of a gun. Who would have something from the government would have dropped in price over the years?
  2. Torren

    Motorcycle Safety Certificate Checklist (Ontario)?

    20 years ago when I was still an apprentice a book of 10 safety certificates cost $125 so $12.50 each and you had to pick them up in person in St. Catherines.
  3. Torren

    507 Road Work

    There's still a few km stretch up near Gooderam that is loose gravel as of yesterday.
  4. Torren

    Upper Big Chute Loop - closed for construction

    If your coming out of Coldwater on 17 keep heading East on what is now Mt. Stephen rd and then turn north on Taylor line. That will bring you back to Upper Big Chute road past the bridge replacement.
  5. Torren

    Weird tool

    If you're going to go out and buy a tool for the job see if you can get a bearing race punch pictured bellow.
  6. Torren

    Transitions visors

    What's a visor?
  7. Torren

    Daily sports car?

    I had a 2015 Genesis Sedan with the AWD and the 3.8L and it was hands down one of the most fun cars I have ever owned. The V8 version would be a monster.
  8. Torren

    Just a humorous car story from a few weeks back

    I am familiar with the Fiero and all of it's quirks and oddities. I'd still rather have one of them than any Ferrari or Lambo.
  9. Torren

    Just a humorous car story from a few weeks back

    It really was a travesty that people would take a perfectly good Pontiac and try to make it look like a cheesy pasta rocket.
  10. Torren

    MTO survey is up for 400 series increased speed limits

    Do you have any studies to back this statement up? We have some of the lowest speed limits in North America and traffic travels here slowly generally. Most of the states has a 118km/h speed limit or higher, and traffic moves way faster there on average.
  11. Torren

    No Harley Bikes here ..?

    There are a few Harley / Cruiser riders here but not many. This is a sport bike board. Say something positive about Harley, and watch how fast the basing begins. Mostly by people that have never ridden one or owned one.
  12. Torren

    Left Lane Loafers - Watch This

    This thread is a real knee slapper. The real laughs come from the people that think that the trucks are the problems on the road.
  13. Torren

    Comments re fallen riders

    I think the fallen riders section as it stands now is a waste of bandwidth. Discussing the accidents and learning from them would have some value. Simply offering condolences has none.
  14. Torren

    Motorcyclist arrested after allegedly assaulting police officer in Pickering

    I thought for sure this was going to be a story about Jamie.
  15. Torren

    Filtering: It's this simple

    Just look at your mirrors. It's that simple.
  16. Torren

    mountain bike trails

    Kelso in Milton was always a favorite of mine. Wherever you are check out the local waterways. Chances are there will be some trails along it.
  17. Torren

    Another Bus on The Forks

    The guard rail repair will be billed to their insurance company and the towing will be directly out of the bus lines pockets. Chances are that driver will be looking for a new job, as they should be.
  18. Torren

    Mortgage renewal term question

    For those in the financial world a quick question about mortgage renewal terms Recenty got my renewal the mail. Sometimes things look too good to be true. Previously had a 5yr fixed, looking to do it again. This time around the rate for 5yr is fine. Similar to last time a little lower. They...
  19. Torren

    Winter Rims / Tires '03 Impala $60

    I have a set of winter tires that were on a '03 Chev Impala. Standard black winter rims and Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice tires. Will fit any GM w body car Rims in good shape, tires are pretty worn but good for 1 more season. $60 OBO. Send PM
  20. Torren

    Manscaping techniques

    I saw this on another forum and thought i'd share

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