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  1. J

    Timer between sending messages is absurd!

    I got 20 pm's to reply to, all copy and paste replies. After the server update that'd take me 1 hour to do. Please remove the timer for me please, and I would assume you should shorten it to something reasonable for everyone else. Thanks.
  2. J

    Wsbk 2019

    DO NOT POST LINKS TO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IN THIS THREAD!! Users have been reporting best success with the live stream by opening the .m3u8 link directly in Chrome after installing the Native HLS Playback extension. WSBK live stream links (send PM for full link if you don't have it already)...
  3. J

    Want to borrow for 2 minutes: 2009-2011 R1

    Does anyone have a 2009-2011 R1 I can borrow for 2 minutes? I need to test an ECU (we'd have to take off the left side body panel, I have tools). I can leave a $16k deposit with you against damaging the bike, and if you need some money for your time let me know so I can let my customer know...
  4. J

    Wsbk 2018

    WSBK files will be posted here:
  5. J

    MotoGP 2018

    **DO NOT POST LINKS TO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IN THIS THREAD!!** I have a HTML5 player up on the server! Should work on all computers and mobile devices! To test you can use these links: For MotoGP 1080p: server . com/Live For MotoGP 720p: server . com/Live720 For MotoGP 360p: server ...
  6. J

    Wsbk 2017

    DMCA takedown, all file links disabled on this forum thread :( For live stream links and other download links check this webpage: For MotoGP posts go here: Due to the...
  7. J

    MotoGP 2017

    DMCA takedown, all file links disabled on this forum thread :( For live stream links and other download links check this webpage: For WSBK posts go here: Due...
  8. J

    No HTTPS support?

    I need https links to here to work, any way for you to add support for that? Thanks.
  9. J

    27yr old Whitby man loses leg, has other partially amputated at Cayuga today :(

    27yr old Whitby man loses leg, has other partially amputated at Cayuga yesterday :( Anyone know his name or who was running the track day?
  10. J

    2007 R1 $5500, 31000km's, tons of upgrades, wrong year bodywork, crashed, tracked!

    Testing the waters for selling my 07 R1. My knee has deteriorated to the point that it's no longer comfortable to ride it :( Absolute wheelie MONSTER! Canadian bike. Clean title. Currently plated and insured. Can deliver pretty much anywhere in the GTA. All keys included including the red...
  11. J

    New safety regulations start July 1st?!? Friend works at a garage and they had an MTO rep come by on Friday and run through the new rules. He gave me that above link. I ran my car through the list... 1. Electrical system "not of OEM quality"...
  12. J

    Anyone good with server/workstation motherboards? Thermal alarm problem :(

    I finally got my flawless server/media player put together with a Supermicro X8DA6 motherboard but every time I play a 4k movie the thermal alarm goes off :( Around 60 seconds after I stop playing the movie the thermal alarm stops going off, even...
  13. J

    Play video directly in a post?

    I know for youtube you can link the video and it'll play right on the post/page, is there any way to do it with a link to a video file? i.e. How to get this to play on the web page just like the youtube player does...
  14. J

    Auto UN CAPS??

    How do I disable the auto un-caps, it keeps screwing up my emoticons, and peeps kno I love those! Like: LOL! :D Comes out: lol! :d Even if I edit it, advanced mode, nothing can fix it. :(
  15. J

    Man charged with attempted murder in motorcycle vs car collision! AURORA, Colo. — A man was arrested Saturday after allegedly causing his girlfriend’s car to collide with a motorcyclist with whom he was having a heated exchange, police said. Michael Hall of...
  16. J

    Implement [spoiler] tag??

    Some unhappy people due to this post: Would it be possible to implement the "spoiler" tag like some other forums, so we can have much more conversation, without ruining it for people that...
  17. J

    MotoGP 2015

    ****** Hitting the Apex (2015) 720p WebDL x264 AAC AC3 5.1 or TORRENT Hitting the Apex (2015) 1080p WebDL x264 AAC AC3 5.1 or TORRENT Subtitle files for video players that can't display built in subtitles (right click, save target as): 720p or 1080p (put in same folder as the movie). ******...
  18. J

    Sunday Sept 21, Mosport RDT with Pro6, who's in?!

    It'll be my last track day of the year. Sunday Sept 21 with Pro6 at Mosport RDT/DDT: $200, TONS of space left :) If it's not snowing I'll be there, last track day of the year, it'll be win it or bin it attitude :)
  19. J

    [Bulk] wtf?

    All of my e-mail notifications from gtamotorcycle now say [Bulk] in front of them. I've dug through my mail server and can't find out where it is adding [Bulk] to the front of the subject. Is this a change that was made on gtamotorcycle's side?

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