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  1. kiley

    Charlotte and I go West

    Day 1 Okay so I started out today at 9 a.m. made my way to the ferry up in Tobermory. Pleasant day riding temperatures never exceeded more than 25 Celsius and it was a great ride up into the ferry Got on the ferry with all the other bikes and talk to some of the people on the ferry. Was a...
  2. kiley

    Time for Plan B

    So with the dollar taking a giant shite and now the border closing I'm looking at potential "Plan B" for trips. The original plan was to go to Maggie Valley in May and we may be able to keep that plan but what if? I've never really seen much for ride reports and wondered if many have traveled...
  3. kiley

    Travelling South (USA) info

    For those of you considering heading south. I just got back from Maggie Valley NC They had a small rally their May 3-4-5 We left Tue April 30 around noon 7c and we saw ice burgs floating down the Niagara river It was a frigid ride to past Erie PA Once we made the turn on I79 it started to warm...
  4. kiley

    NY #97 Hawks Nest

    For those of you who have never been it worth checking out. I went this past thanksgiving. Left Thurs night to beautiful sunny skies and had three days of sunshine. This is the route i did once there Some great views and stunning area I did this basic route to...
  5. kiley

    Labor Day weekend in North West PA

    Thinking of taking a group to Northern PA this weekend. Spending Friday night in Bradford PA. Sat night in Wellsboro PA. Sun night back in Bradford then home Mon morning. Sat route. Sunday route. Mac whats the weather...
  6. kiley

    2017 Charlotte...a year in review

    I thought this would be the best time to do my year in review now that the holidays have finished and a new year has begun. I had an amazing summer and visited some great places this year. Charlotte and I began our relationship on May 14 2017 at 1:30pm est. It was a pretty amazing start as I had...
  7. kiley

    Fall ride VA / WV Oct 2015.

    Hey all. So this ride started Wed. I'm working in Claymont DE and blazed my way to Winchester VA Pretty uneventful except to say I had diner at Golden Corral and it was amazingly good. Thursday.... I made my way south. I didn't take the Skyline but the roads beside it. I'll post a route...
  8. kiley

    Front Royal

    I have to work the next 2 wkds then I'm off for a wkd I was thinking of doing a ride down south. Plan for now is spend Thurs night in Front Royal VA and Fri night in Petersburg WV. I have a favorite mom and pop in Petersburg WV but have never stayed in Front Royal. I've read on here where people...
  9. kiley

    Petersburg WV area.

    Hey all I’m going to take a long weekend soon. I’m thinking around Sept 17-18-19-20 If the weather isn’t going to cooperate I can always change the dates. I realize this isn’t optimal for fall colors but regardless need take a long weekend These 15 hour work days are starting to get old. Anyways...
  10. kiley

    Sturgis 2015

    Hey all. I haven't posted much on here. I've moved to Delaware for work. The ridding here is pretty ****** so there really hasn't been much to post about. I recently returned from a trip out west. I normally do trips by myself but this time there were 5 of us. I did all the...
  11. kiley

    Hey all. I had a pretty busy summer this year traveling in the States. I use quite often when planning my trips as I know most of you all do. This year I was able to enter a road I found to the website. It was the first time I had ever done this. You can find it here...
  12. kiley

    One last kick at the cat Oct 17

    Hey all. I'm in Bridgeport WV. Plan is to ride around the WV / NC area for a few days. Tomorrow I'll leave Bridgeport and take #20 all the way to Princeton. I saw that there is some bass jumping going on in Fayetteville and I would like to stop and see some of that. I'll then make my way to...
  13. kiley

    Barrys Bay paved or gravel

    can anyone tell me if the following is paved or gravel
  14. kiley

    Sig test

    just testing sig
  15. kiley

    A trip of a lifetime Ontario to Washington - California and back July - Aug 2014

    Hey all. I have posted a couple times on the forums so you all know I'm back. I have returned from my epic trip of a lifetime. On July 12 I left on my trip and returned Aug 19 This trip lasted 37 days (a little over 5 weeks) Spanning 1 Province and 11 States. 15150 km or 9413 miles...
  16. kiley

    Laconia NH June 2014

    Hey all After returning home from Americade I had some time to reflect on my trip. I got looking at the weather and it wasn't very promising to the south. But to the east is was looking fantastic. I had to move a few things around but decided to go to Laconia. I left on Thursday June 19 and...
  17. kiley

    PA and Americade Lake George NY

    Hey all Took a small trip (7 days) and did some South Pennsylvania then up to meet some friends in Lake George NY In PA i stayed in the Carlisle Harrisburg area and rode around then headed to Ephrata for there Biker Breakfast. after that i made my way to NY here are some links to the routes and...
  18. kiley

    Sturgis and Montana Me and my new girl go West

    First off my apologies. I didn't realize that this didn't get posted here this summer. It was a over site on my part. So here is a trip I did this summer. (this is copy paste from another site) Hey all. I just got back from Sturgis this afternoon. I'm still uploading pics. I should tell you...
  19. kiley

    Riding in Toronto

    Came across this today Enjoy
  20. kiley

    Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

    So my original plan was to go to PA. I was there Labor Day wkd and with a small group the end of Sept. But I knew there were still some areas that I wanted to explore. Things looked great on the weather network over the weekend. Then I came to work Monday. Boy did things change. Since Monday...

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