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  1. TwistedKestrel

    Ads are busted

    None of the ads on the site seem to be loading in for me? While I don't personally have a great thirst for advertising, they presumably help keep the site up and I am behind that. I do *not* have an ad-blocker, of course
  2. TwistedKestrel

    Who can competently test moto batteries?

    I am developing a distrust of the battery in my bike, but I'd rather be sure before dropping $200 on a new one. Is there a shop or retail store that can effectively test small batteries? Against my better judgement, I tried CT after they assured me they could do it but it turns out that they...
  3. TwistedKestrel

    Swear filter off?

    I accidentally was able to just drop a vulgarity in a non-trash talk thread. I deleted it before my mom saw, but is the swear filter busted? Or do we not worry about that anymore
  4. TwistedKestrel

    Need part - Honda clutch perch w/ mirror mount

    Hopefully this is allowed in this forum, if not I apologize and mods move/nuke it as necessary. Need a Honda clutch perch with mirror mount on it. This is a somewhat common part, used on the 919, NC700X, CTX700, Nighthawk 750, Hawk GT, CB-1. Part number 53172-KT7-751. They're only $36 at the...
  5. TwistedKestrel

    First track day experience

    I finally lined everything up and attended my first real track day on July 6th! (Not counting FAST... that I did 12(!!) years ago) Group: KSR I signed up with KSR not really knowing much about them, though I got a good vibe from them from here and their website. It is run by a small number of...
  6. TwistedKestrel

    New dumb question - passing tech for no coolant

    I was merrily flushing the cooling system on my CB919 (coolant removal or not, it was due either way), thinking about how it was a bit annoying since the rad cap is tucked under the fuel tank... ...then I got to wondering - how will the tech inspector actually verify that there is no coolant in...
  7. TwistedKestrel

    Motorcycle stuck to front of minivan

    Edit: found original video Can't embed video, it's in the news article. You probably want to see this one Found on /r/motorcycles
  8. TwistedKestrel

    Power outages?

    Two different people in my social circle at opposite ends of the city had blackouts today, wondering if anybody else is/was having power trouble
  9. TwistedKestrel

    Probably a stupid question about side stands

    Hoping to finally get my feet wet with track days this year. Doing my best to be somewhat prepared, but... Having to tie-up or remove the sidestand is causing me emotional difficulties. Does literally everyone bring a rear stand? I guess I could get my hands on one, but even then, to put a bike...
  10. TwistedKestrel

    Looking for CB919 parts

    TwistedKestrel submitted a new listing: Looking for CB919 parts - Looking for CB919 parts Learn more about this listing...
  11. TwistedKestrel

    Eric Buell is back from vacation - Fuell

    Buell has partnered up with the CEO of Sauber Motorsport Frédéric Vasseur and formed a new company called Fuell, that will be making electric motorcycles and bicycles.
  12. TwistedKestrel

    Formula 3 crash at Macau GP

    These sorts of racing accidents are becoming rare, which is of course a good thing. And rest assured that nobody died in the following clip, though the driver suffered a spinal fracture and three people off the track were hospitalized. From...
  13. TwistedKestrel

    Vimeo embed behaviour

    This isn't a super big deal, obviously it doesn't come up very often... Embedding Vimeo videos with the video tag does not work, trying to do that will result in that part of the post just being blank. However, if you just post the url to the video and nothing else (no url tags, nothing) around...
  14. TwistedKestrel

    Keep getting logged out

    Thought I'd point it out, given some of the things that have happened in the past...
  15. TwistedKestrel

    Random roadside alcohol tests?

    Has this discussion already happened on the board somewhere? I'm surprised to not find anything on it. Bill C-46 will allow police to conduct random roadside alcohol tests, and they are not refusable...
  16. TwistedKestrel

    Good prices on engine oil?

    Last bike I had I was content with using Rotella T (even though it made shifting a bit worse), but now I would prefer to use a 10w40. In the intervening years, it looks like the Tire Hole has stopped carrying Mobil 1 MX4T, and so far every shop I've walked into has had eye-wateringly expensive...
  17. TwistedKestrel

    GS500 starter kit (manual, jets, filter, valve tool)

    Have a GS500 you need to take care of? I've got some stuff. -Hardcover Haynes manual covering all versions (#3238) -Motion Pro valve shim tool (comes with two extra shims!) -Lightly used K&N filter -Dynojet kit (for models with 3 jet carbs, part #3156) never installed Haven't decided what to...
  18. TwistedKestrel

    Fiat 500 poor resale?

    I'm not buying one, was just idly looking at classifieds, when I saw a 2012 Fiat 500 for $4.5K. I thought maybe it was a typo but no, that's about what they go for. So why does the resale on these fall off a cliff?
  19. TwistedKestrel

    Need help - sag, master cylinder, header leak

    Trying to combine this all into one topic is probably a fool's errand but if I make three posts two of them will get ignored, plus I kinda don't want to spam the forum. Long story short, I finally have some time for the project in the garage, and I want to pick GTAM's brain(s) so I don't have to...
  20. TwistedKestrel

    How did the Ducati 900SS age?

    There's a 900SS on Kijiji for $3000 right now. Is it a good idea or bad idea? It is supposedly turnkey, does that seem likely? How much wrench time will it need compared to a Japanese bike?

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