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  1. oioioi


    Anyone local that has the ALPINESTARS YAGUARA DRYSTAR JACKET? Whats your opinion on it? Does it fit on the slimmer side or on the bigger side? I am interested in it but no local shops have it for me to see or buy.
  2. oioioi

    Dreaming of a BMW

    This made me laugh
  3. oioioi

    Yamaha PW50 Issues

    Hey guys, I picked up a 2001 PW50 in great condition for a good price. According to the PO, it was working fine but once it died (this past Saturday) it now has not spark. I have not had a chance to troubleshoot anything as I just picked it up today. However, Any chance anyone has any spare...
  4. oioioi

    Free - Liquid Molly 4T 10W-30 synthetic oil. Partial bottle

    oioioi submitted a new listing: Free - Liquid Molly 4T 10W-30 synthetic oil. Partial bottle - Free - Liquid Molly 4T 10W-30 synthetic oil. Partial bottle Learn more about this listing...
  5. oioioi

    Cops aren't colour blind- busted for modifying a green plate

    You can't just paint over your green plate with a Crayola market and make it blue. 🤦‍♂️
  6. oioioi

    Help with identifying this outboard boat motor

    ...please I know it's is a Johnson 20hp outboard motor I am looking for at least a year range or even better a model I am new to this (boating) but I need to find some parts for it (Seal for propeller) so it would be helpful to know the year/mod to look ups parts diagrams. I figured there...
  7. oioioi

    Available Camp Site - Balsam Lake Prov. Park July 17-July 19

    I have a camp site reservation that I can no longer attend. I am willing to transfer it to anyone that would be interested. If no one wants it I will cancel it and get my refund. I am wiling to hold it till this Thursday coming. It is at Balsam Lake Provincial Park from Friday July 17-...
  8. oioioi

    Full Hwy 401 Closure from Trafalgar Road to James Snow Pkwy July 4-5

    Highway 401 from Trafalgar Road to James Snow Parkway Full closure of Highway 401 eastbound and westbound at Trafalgar Road to James Snow Parkway Start Date: Saturday, July 4, 2020 End Date: Sunday, July 5, 2020 Time: 11:00 PM to 10:00 AM (11 hours) Details Full closure of Highway 401 in both...
  9. oioioi

    Summer Solstice 2.0 - Northern Ontario Route Ideas

    Looks like we will be renting a cottage near Huntsville in mid-late August for a week. I have introduced the idea to the wife to either ride my bike up separately or maybe trailer it if she wants to drive up together as a family. Since I will be up there for about a week, I figured I might take...
  10. oioioi

    Speed Camera fines now in effect

    Bare careful out there
  11. oioioi

    Read this if you plan on riding to Atlantic Canada this summer.

    This is something to keep in mind if you want to travel to the Atlantic side of the country. The four Atlantic provinces have agreed...
  12. oioioi

    Hi-Viz Hydration Pack

    On the recent Solstice ride with @shanekingsley and the gang I noticed a few riders had a Hydration Pack. I never considered one before, but I did notice during the ride that I was getting a little thirsty/dehydrated while on the bike. Even when we stopped and I had a few good sips of water...
  13. oioioi

    Fork Springs - Orientation

    Can someone confirm the orientation of the Fork Springs for me? Bike is 08 FZ6 I am working through my first fork seal replacement. As I am taking the fork springs out I noticed the closer-wound coils were positioned at the top of the fork. The Haynes manual says that the closer-wound coils...
  14. oioioi

    Fork Seal Driver Tool

    Any one have a Fork Seal Driver Tool and willing to borrow it for a few days? Or maybe pictures and steps on how to make one at home for best results? Edit: needs to accommodate 43mm fork size
  15. oioioi

    Essential Moto Tool Kit.

    After watching the F9 video on inflating a tire with fire and some of the comments that followed it got me thinking about a roadside essential tool kit. My bike currently has the factory emergency tool kit. These are not tools I would use for regular maintenance of a bike but when push comes...
  16. oioioi

    Hey Fathers..... Mother's Day is coming.......

    This made me laugh. We have some work to do........ :LOL:
  17. oioioi

    Feeler Gauges?? Which type????

    What are the best types of feeler gauges for motorcycle repair? I am thinking about and planning on doing the valve clearance check and adjustment on my own. Bike is 2008 FZ6. I want to do it as the next two weeks is not promising for riding weather and I will be home with nothing to do...
  18. oioioi

    Motorcycle Trainer Game with a real Bike

    Found this interesting link. This might be in Italy but the company contact info is pointing to Bulgaria.
  19. oioioi

    Motorcycle Memes....

    For $hits and giggles and killing time lets post up some of your favorite motorcycle related memes and photos. They can be funny or even serious (reminders of safety). I am sure we come across them fairly often on different platforms and they probably make us laugh or cry or ponder for a...
  20. oioioi

    FS: Universal Motorcycle Top Case Trunk With Mounting Plate -35 L

    oioioi submitted a new listing: FS: Universal Motorcycle Top Case Trunk With Mounting Plate -35 L - FS: Universal Motorcycle Top Case Trunk With Mounting Plate -35 L Learn more about this listing...

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