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  1. J_F

    Car Recommendation for My Daughter

    looking around for a used hatchback for my daughter needs to be a hatch for her dog - my granddaughter she's not good with a manual, so needs to be an auto don't need AWD - she lives in TO budget of around 5K, preferably under 200 k on it I like Subies but with miles on them the head-gaskets...
  2. J_F

    {NERD ALERT} Star Trek Deep Fake

    young Kirk and Spock Deep Faked into The Wrath of Khan this tech is getting scary
  3. J_F

    Switch Off the Likes/Dislikes Notification Feature?

    one of the reasons I ditched facebook was the red notification thingy human nature is to check what is being indicated by the red icon it's been studied re: social media use, that the icon induces a little dopamine hit it becomes addictive, and this is by design to keep you coming back and...
  4. J_F

    My Vulcan 800 is officially for sale now

    J_F submitted a new listing: My Vulcan 800 is officially for sale now - My Vulcan 800 is officially for sale now Learn more about this listing...
  5. J_F


    anyone else into this? when I started travelling for work I became a follower I know @MacDoc is a listener it's interesting in that the narrator can kill, or liven a piece of writing great on the bike when you don't feel like music anyone else into this? suggestions?
  6. J_F

    TO Sports Smack Talk Thread

    can't watch any live games may as well do the next best thing
  7. J_F

    First Ride - 2020

    March 8 - who else got out today? 8 degrees and sunny, good enough for me Belleville to Cobourg and back and some putting around ~ 250km HWY 2 out there, blasted back across 401 to get rid of the sh1tty gas thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, tomorrow looks even better too early for bikinis though :(
  8. J_F

    2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 - Mint

    J_F submitted a new listing: 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 - Mint - 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 - Mint Learn more about this listing...
  9. J_F

    Help Me Choose a 3 Week Route

    like most of us here I'm missing riding like crazy didn't get any big runs in last year - work pressures - taking care of that shortly gonna try the Ape on a long tour this coming summer, 3-4 week time frame be a mix of camping, air bnb's and the odd hotel stay 3 regions currently on my mind...
  10. J_F

    GTAM, 2019 Member Of The Year! Nomination Thread

    as we are on this eve of 2020, thought I'd show my appreciation to the Forum what started for me as join on a whim, has come over the last few years to be a lot of fun Forum has helped me with several subjects: bikes, tours, audio gear, food, cheese, beer the comaradarie and free sharing of...
  11. J_F

    Vintage Audio Gear - AV Home Theatre

    I think there's some old stereo heads on the forum? thinking about getting back into some old stereo gear back in the day I had a nice Pioneer Integrated Receiver sold it in a moving sale - auction, think I got 10 bucks for it kicking myself as they're quite valuable now same with the TT...
  12. J_F

    Bills Are For Real

    after 20 years of hiding our heads in a paper sack us Bills fans can take the bag off, and be proud again anyone here alive when they were a 90's dynasty? the K-gun no huddle offense.....put up 40 points in a half? not saying we're back to that but the Bills have a swagger that I haven't seen...
  13. J_F

    So, What Do We Think of Cybertruck?

    an electric pickup with good range and performance should sell really well Tesla has made some great looking cars but I'm not sure about this truck range, HP, acceleration, towing capacity and size all seem good the styling is not appealing to me body looks like a tinsmith made it at home the...
  14. J_F

    Aprilia Powered Race Car

    open wheel track car powered by an Aprilia RSV4 engine neato
  15. J_F

    REVIEW - Domio Moto

    have tried several different earbuds for tunes while riding the Mee M6 Pros were pretty good decent isolation with the proper tips loud enough to hear but they were brutally uncomfortable on long days and damn near removed a chuck of ear taking the helmet off last time as I keep my phone in a...
  16. J_F


    kickstand foot on the Caponord is very small a real hazard on gravel, dirt and grass couldn't find anything ready made for the bike the leg is also really short bike on side stand has a severe lean to the left was loaded heavy a few weeks ago and had parked sideways to an incline getting back...
  17. J_F

    FREE.....KTM extended kickstand foot

    J_F submitted a new listing: FREE.....KTM extended kickstand foot - FREE.....KTM extended kickstand foot Learn more about this listing...
  18. J_F

    Sept 11 ride to South Carolina and get yer 90's on

    tossing around the idea of riding down to SC for the Hootie concert for the ride and to get my 90's on in their hometown doesn't look like any of my riding buddies are available/interested anyone here think they might want to go? likely around a 5 day trip including one day in Columbia, SC...
  19. J_F

    Bike Camping Gear

    thinking I might try some bike camping usually have have done hotels/air bnb's on my trips gonna take off for a bit here in a week or so see how the Caponord is on long days main question: is about camping mats/bedrolls after 10-11 hours on the bike ground sleeping has never held much appeal...
  20. J_F

    Caponord Rally - advice taken, it's mine

    close to pulling the trigger on a low km Caponord Rally have been admiring this bike for some time reviews are great and I love the gadgetry but of course reading the forums there are horror stories the Caponord forum is a ghost town the ADV rider bunch are mostly boxer fans this site being...

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