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  1. TwistedKestrel

    Ads are busted

    None of the ads on the site seem to be loading in for me? While I don't personally have a great thirst for advertising, they presumably help keep the site up and I am behind that. I do *not* have an ad-blocker, of course
  2. TwistedKestrel

    Rear shock absorber

    I snagged a factory manual for my 919 for $40 off eBay. Honestly, I was half expecting to receive something weirdly photocopied or printed, but a genuine manual showed up in the mail. It's good, too! There is the rare translation oddity, but it's so clear and straightforward it seems practically...
  3. TwistedKestrel

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Like... to be 100% clear, that I'm not misunderstanding this - this is suggesting that the crane should have had an ignition interlock device? I like how the picture itself pretty much tells the entire story... but somewhat surprised airbags didn't deploy
  4. TwistedKestrel


    That was pretty good! Check out Hayden Gillim backing it in in a Harley @ 7:40. If they hold it again, I imagine the rules would be more thoroughly hammered out. Would that make it more, or less interesting?
  5. TwistedKestrel


    Eh, it seems like these guys are having fun building them. I kinda wanna see this race, I really hope there will be footage of it somewhere Edit: I didn't realize this was happening at Laguna Seca. This WILL be entertaining
  6. TwistedKestrel

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Holy crap. Regarding abandoned vehicles - are you allowed to sell them, before you go through the process of assuming the title? Edit: Oh, it's in Alabama.
  7. TwistedKestrel

    Honda Rebel 1100 DCT?

    I'm talking about putting radial calipers on the RSU forks, not the forks themselves. Now they have to make fork lowers with radial mounts - I don't see the cost savings there. And yes, the patent drawing may not be 100% representative of the final design
  8. TwistedKestrel

    Honda Rebel 1100 DCT?

    Seems alright. I don't really like the Rebel 300/500 styling but that is certainly down to taste. Would be interesting to try one of these DCT bikes one day... ...getting bogged down in the details though -Twin shocks? Well, I guess if they're using them on the other models it's not that crazy...
  9. TwistedKestrel

    A new record ?

    The burning question of course, is how do you wind up with "eight lifetime driving bans" in the first place
  10. TwistedKestrel

    2021 Grom

    Honda has only been making this thing since 2014 and it's now on what, its third update? Yamaha has been making the TW200 since 1987, it got one update in 2001, and it still costs over $5000
  11. TwistedKestrel

    PSA - Latest Scam Call - Exit Ontario

    I still struggle to believe that the conversion rate on phone scams is high enough to be worth it
  12. TwistedKestrel

    If it sounds too good to be true...

    I wasn't expecting it to be actually the exact helmet we were talking about... oof
  13. TwistedKestrel

    KTM cult

    I completely forgot about that! It definitely came off from day one as them having hurt feelings
  14. TwistedKestrel

    cell phone experts

    I think you can have reasonable confidence in specific products having no or limited spyware/telemetry. However, you can't trust any manufacturer to consistently sell products that are clean.
  15. TwistedKestrel

    cell phone experts

    Gone since February
  16. TwistedKestrel

    Brake by wire coming soon

    Sure, but the article itself did say that. And it references F1 brake by wire, which is just about the mildest implementation possible
  17. TwistedKestrel

    Brake by wire coming soon

    I am all for the current best available available implementation of ABS (IMU-controlled), but I'm not sold on this. The loss of direct mechanical feedback seems like a high price to pay, manufacturers go to great lengths today to make sure that it is engineered in. It may be a non-issue as...
  18. TwistedKestrel

    cell phone experts

    The relationship between Samsung and Qualcomm is highly adversarial. Well... Qualcomm has an adversarial relationship with everyone I suppose, like Intel of yore. If Samsung had their way, every version would have the Exynos chip instead of the Snapdragon. On that note, you reminded me of...
  19. TwistedKestrel

    cell phone experts

    To answer the original question - no, 5G is a huge waste of time. mmWave could potentially make some kind of difference in very densely populated areas, but who knows if there are any even in Toronto that would qualify. It is basically an excuse for NA telecoms to jack their rates again because...
  20. TwistedKestrel

    Joe Bass' technology woes thread

    DisplayPort and HDMI both carry sound. If the 3.5mm TRS jack is designated for earphones, it should still work as a line out - just don't expect it to drive unpowered speakers

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