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  1. radek

    Sketch pavement 427 south of Hwy7

    Bit of a thrill ride on that construction stretch of 427 south of Hwy 7, quite a few bumps and one big gap in pavement that got my handlebar shaking. Safe ride!
  2. radek

    Icon Accelerant Stealth Jacket size M

    radek submitted a new listing: Icon Accelerant Stealth Jacket size M - Icon Accelerant Stealth Jacket size M Learn more about this listing...
  3. radek

    Looking for indoor parking King & Jameson area.

    Looking to rent out or share a parking spot in Parkdale, as my building's garage is getting renovated, for about 3 to 4 months time. Preferably at King and Jameson, hopefully to share with another motorcycle or a small car. Please let me know if you have any leads. Cheers
  4. radek

    out of town ticket options

    Hey, Curious if anyone exercised an option of taking an out-of -town speeding ticket to Toronto office of Justice of Peace. I'm willing to pay the fine, but I'd rather do it in few installments if possible. Any advice appreciated. Cheers
  5. radek

    Short video of Dakar riders.
  6. radek

    Edgy trail riding
  7. radek

    Insane lane splitting in Moscow

    May have been posted before Bit of reckless riding here - more so towards the end.!
  8. radek

    Custom trike anyone?

    Saw this on my way to Sauble Beach last week.
  9. radek

    Lucky to find that guy..

    I met a very helpful person today, just wanted to share.. I sprayed some Seafoam Intake Cleaner in my carbs, and it did the job (lots of thick gray smoke came out). Engine died at the end, likely I over done it, drained the battery restarting it, so I went on to push start it down the street...
  10. radek

    weekly vintage & classic bike meetup downtown

    Riding around I see some nice classic bikes downtown - 70's and 80's Triumph's, HD's, CB's, Z-Kawi's, XS's, GS's etc. Curious to know if there is any hookups for these riders going on, and if not - if there's any interest in starting one. For me either Tues/Wed/Thurs evening would work, 9pm or...
  11. radek

    Downtown Midnight Ride - weekday ride, just checking for interest

    Hey, Curious if any of you interested in a weekday ride starting around midnight from downtown T.O. Any type of bikes, all welcome - no preference there.. I'm kinda vintage - 1980 Suzuki GS1100E. I'm in the west end, close to QEW, but meeting point could be anywhere around. I just like riding...

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