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  1. kurtrules

    The Muskokan Autumn

    Did this loop today: The weather was warm, relatively. So I packed light, took off all the quilts beneath the riding gear, and went on my way. Washago came quickly and took the turn off to southwood road. Wonderful switchbacks and tight corners! The road was excellent except for a few patches...
  2. kurtrules

    The Fall Loop - 03 Oct 2020

    The ride was supposed to be done on the 4th Oct 2020, as I had an appointment on the 3rd. But it got cancelled, and I thought why waste a day. Moreover, the 4th was supposedly rainy. Though I did start a bit later then I normally do, I planned to make full use of the time at hand. The initial...
  3. kurtrules

    Assistance needed with motorcycle purchase & timing

    Hey, I completed my M2 course and will get my license upgraded in October, when I complete 2 full months with an M1. I was curious and wanted your opinion on - 1) When would it be a good time to purchase a motorcycle? The year is coming to a close, and to me it doesn't make sense to pay for...
  4. kurtrules

    M1 Exit Riding Course

    Hi All, I have been riding motorcycles from 2007. Mainly long distance touring. My last ride was in December 2015. I haven't ridden (except a few kms here and there when I go back home for a visit) since then. By then, I guess I must have covered 100,000+ kms combined from both my motorcycles...
  5. kurtrules

    Insurance for an experienced rider - Outside Canada

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I have been riding since 2007, have owned 3 bikes in the past, but none of them in Canada as I immigrated last year. I have zero Canadian riding experience, however, I am eager to earn my license and purchase the MT-09 or the Z900. I am currently 35. My foreign...
  6. kurtrules

    An avid motorcycling enthusiast

    Hello Everyone, I came know about this forum from someone on RedFlagDeals, and thus registered today. I would like to introduce myself - My name is Vaibhav, 35y, and I live in Burlington, ON. I am a software professional by occupation but a die hard motorcyclist by passion. My family and I...

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