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  1. bigpoppa

    TV shows currently watching

    Just finished watching Kims convenience, really liked it Cant wait for the next season Bonus points for local television
  2. bigpoppa

    R nine T review

    seems like a cool bike with tons of character, ive always wanted to ride a boxer twin
  3. bigpoppa

    R nine T review

    Seems as awesome as I imagined, will be test riding one next year for sure
  4. bigpoppa

    US is ******

    This is from today... He has a woman fake play his wife
  5. bigpoppa

    What Are You Currently Listening To?

  6. bigpoppa

    CBD cream

    excellent post I've never partaked in marijuana or its derivitives, and you mentioned trace amounts of THC (the psychoactive element) can build up in your system, but I assume if you take cannabis CBD it wont affect your motor skills and driving?
  7. bigpoppa

    2020 Day Trips!

    popped my first wheelies not long after, christ this thing is insane
  8. bigpoppa

    US is ******

  9. bigpoppa

    US is ******

    @J_F His latest campaign manager also arrested:
  10. bigpoppa

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    I bet their trucks(which you can also rent) have a hitch
  11. bigpoppa

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    looks like an s model with ohlins if its got records of maintenance/belts/valve jobs, thats a sweet deal
  12. bigpoppa

    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2020 Edition)

    nah it'll be warm and sunny, you wont have room to ride because tourists, and it'll be a temporary covid hotspot
  13. bigpoppa

    What Are You Currently Listening To?

  14. bigpoppa

    Anyone free on Thu (22nd) post 5pm to check out a bike around Oakville?

    I did precisely this when I bought my first bike, asked @frekeyguy to come inspect it, paid him a small fee and asked him to put on new tires
  15. bigpoppa

    KTM cult

    What I love the most is that I can still have fun at 50 km/h in 2nd gear as much as at extra legal speeds (not that I would ever do that)
  16. bigpoppa

    Brake by wire coming soon

    from the article "In the "wet" brake by wire systems we’ll likely see on motorcycles, the master cylinders and brake lines aren’t simply replaced with sensors and wires. Hydraulic master cylinders remain in place to preserve “normal” braking feel, but instead of providing feedback from actual...
  17. bigpoppa

    New fortine video

    hope they pay him well, the channel is probably the source of all their business
  18. bigpoppa

    Brake by wire coming soon "Brake by wire means that braking is actuated electronically, not hydro-mechanically via the fluid displaced by your lever and pedal. Hand or foot motion still activates your brakes as usual, except your braking inputs become signals sent to...
  19. bigpoppa

    New fortine video

    Never got to ride the v rod, but if I had infinite funds, and wanted a harley, it would be a toss up between the low rider s and the v rod

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