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  1. Super Clean Suzuki GSX650F

    Super Clean Suzuki GSX650F

    Selling my bike. I am the first owner of this 2011 Suzuki GSX650F, bought in 2014 as brand new, always did regular maintenance. Last Oil service done on Aug 8, 2020 at 9583 kms. All invoices available for review. Tires in good condition. Bike comes with Yoshimura exhaust and PUIG extra large...
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    Super Clean Suzuki GSX650F

    philan submitted a new listing: Super Clean Suzuki GSX650F - Super Clean Suzuki GSX650F Learn more about this listing...
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    Got caught up in today's weather mayhem on HWY 6 Guelph. From good summer weather to blinding rain and 10 meters visibility in about 10 minutes! Cars started parking on the side of the road with blinkers on. Took the first exit - Laird road and thought that if the lightening didn't hit me, the...
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    Bed & Breakfast website with a wealth of info

    While looking for a Bed & Breakfast in Algonquin area, I came across this BB website: Trails Edge – Bed & Breakfast Its a nice Bed and Breakfast near Maynooth, ON. Their website has some interesting links, one of them says: Motorcycling, when you click on it, it opens up...
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    Demo Days 2019

    Attended the Acton Royal Enfield Demo Ride. Had fun. This event was busy with lots of riders showing up. Event was very well organized, nice 5 km or so ride and they even provided helmets and jackets for a few of those riders who didnt bring. I rode the Interceptor 650 - Triumph Bonneville...
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    Free tickets for the Motorcycle Spring Show this weekend!

    Can't wait to see GTAM at the Spring Motorcycle Show Apr 6-7 2019"
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    Please stop me from selling my bike...

    You mentioned your experience of insurance. What specific industry? Was it auto/home or life or others? If you get a RIBO licence, you can become an Auto/Home Insurance broker and if you do well, there are always plenty of opportunities coming up to own your brokerage...
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    RidersAgainstHunger 2014 - August 16, Mississauga

    Anyone planning to participate in this ride? In support of Eden Community Food Bank Saturday, August 16th, 2014 - 8.30 to 1pm Ride start and end venue is South Common Mall, Mississauga Cost of the ride starting at $35 for single rider Saw the...
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    Accessories for 2011 Suzuki GSX650F

    Hi, Bought the bike as new recently. Have put in only 150 kms so far. I want to keep the bike as stock atleast till the first service, however, thinking about some accessories like tank cover, fender extenders and to improve utility - sidecases or tank bags. Searching on ebay and...
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    Hello, new rider at Oakville

    Hi, Brought home my new ride this last weekend - 2011 Suzuki GSX650F, brand new. Planning to pick up a jacket and few other riding gears in a week's time. Looking forward for the summer!

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