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  1. slipkorn416

    Looking for battery

    Hi, Not sure If this has been asked before. Where is your go to place for batteries (GTA)? I am looking for any of these 2: YB10L-B2 Dry Charge Battery CB10L-B2 Motobatt MB10U 12V 14.5Ah AGM Battery If you have any other suggestion is welcomed. Regards,
  2. slipkorn416

    Hi I am a new rider from York Region

    Hi All! My name is Manny and for the past 5 years wanted to ride motorcycle and just bought my first motorcycle a couple of weeks ago (09 GS500F)! I am still touching up my bike since it had some cracks on fairings that were duct taped :(, but overall I really like the bike hopefully it will...

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