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  1. crankcall

    Shopping for a womens bicycle!

    No I am not transissoning , here are the parameters, wife is not an athelete, does not go up hills. Looking at a round town ride, easy peddling and not a piece of crap, under $1000. She has a Specialized aluminum 7 spd town bike , it was $299US and it peddles like a slug. It will be sold off...
  2. crankcall

    Looking for motorcycle sled?

    I'm probably not calling it the right thing but its a steel track that is mounted with casters and once you put the bike on it you can roll it around the garage floor. I've seen them years ago at bike shows, I have a big touring bike i'd like to slide sideways into a parking spot. Anybody know...
  3. crankcall

    Covid opportunities???

    not selling TP door to door or gouging people on sanitizer but ligitimate opportunity. Where will be the chances to profit/advance/gain? I foresee a lot of 'toys' hitting the market cheap as buddy stupidly financed a travel trailer when he was billing 30hrs a week of overtime , got sidelined for...
  4. crankcall

    beer and the wheel, the foundation of civilization

    Beer & the Wheel: The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. Beer required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting...
  5. crankcall

    Sometime people suck

    Well , a motorcycle accident on Hamilton mountain last evening had a motorcycle hit an 80yr old woman and her 60yr old son crossing the road. All were pretty badly hurt however cars continued to drive around the people that laid in the road. Except those that looted the groceries the...
  6. crankcall

    Garage Lifts?

    anybody have one? know a reasonable source? I'm moving to a new to me house, leaving a quite large double car garage for a single ( yes I know I'm an idiot) but its where I want to live right now. So I'm looking for a car hoist/lift. It will not ever lift a car, well never say never, however I...
  7. crankcall

    Motorcycle stands!

    crankcall submitted a new listing: Motorcycle stands! - Motorcycle stands! Learn more about this listing...
  8. crankcall

    jeep rims and tires

    set of 5 factory steel wheels with center caps and 225/75/16" tires. Taken off at 9,288kms . wheels were changed and the vehicle is now sold so these 5 are leftovers. The 'spare' is new. TPS monitors are installed in the wheels. I's like to see $400, but I'm open to offers.
  9. crankcall

    Happy Fathers Day!

    For those of you that have managed to deposit sperm in an appropriate place, Happy Fathers Day!! Hug your kids because you might not always like them , but you'll always love them. And at some point they will love you back. Now do the right thing and don't win drunkest guy in a backyard ever...
  10. crankcall

    Barbour drops waxed cotton

    Barbour has announced they will drop the iconic waxed cotton trial jacket, due to lack of demand. Literally every ISDT team in the 60' and 70's used this coat. Now many of you are asking your self, what is a ISDT? and who the hack is Barbour, but some of us will be sad.
  11. crankcall

    WINTER IS COMING! Snowblower for sale

    8hp 24" Murray brand , 2 stage snowblower. Starts on first/second pull , reasonable shape. Appearance 6/10 has some rust, mechanically 9/10. New carb installed 1 yr ago. I have another snow blower I dont need 2. I'd like to see $250. that seems fair. 905-464-0976 pete
  12. crankcall

    Large 6man tent

    SOLD_SOLD_SOLD ! Its a modern large 6 man tent, its in good condition with no tears, repairs or leaks. Nylon tent / fly with plastic poly floor. It comes in a large duffle bag. It not suitable to pack on a bike unless you have a sidecar. I dont have any pictures, I'm not going to put it up...
  13. crankcall

    Versys300, CCM, CB500, Vstrom650 small 'ADV' bikes

    Ok so Kawi has thrown the Versys 300 into the mix, calling it a back road bike not an off road, sales for the Vstrom 650 are very strong, the CDN CCM distributor says there is NO problem selling bikes. The CB500 'packaged' bike is very dirt road capable. So the trend is smaller displacement...
  14. crankcall

    ALSO WANTED: gsxr 750 exhaust can 2000-03

    another project, looking for an OEM can from a 2000-03 gsxr 750 or 2000-01 700 can. Only those products will work, cash waiting. Thanks for looking.
  15. crankcall

    WANTED: GSXR 1000 exhaust can 2001

    looking for a 2000-2001 GSXR 1000 original factory exhaust muffler/can . Its for a different application, but it has to be a 2001-01 factory can , no other brands will work. If you have spare parts cluttering your garage, I'll buy it. Thanks for looking. send me a PM and I'll bring you cash.
  16. crankcall

    Sept1 licensing fees

    Liberal Licensing Fees, really?? these as a percentage are off the charts? we need to pay these rates because they cant maintain our roads with money they take in?? Maybe some of the money can go to a carbon emissions reduction, like the 1.9billion they already collected, with a zero reduction...
  17. crankcall

    Yet another TV thread

    so here are my wants, 50-55" , 1080p. flat screen. I do not need 4K , or smart anything. I just want a biggish TV, where can I A/ find one, B/ where are the deals I'm a Luddite at heart and do not need best, shiney ,bells and whistles. They all only last 5-6 yrs so it seems, i like to stay...
  18. crankcall

    BowFlex style universal gym

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! I have a bowflex style workout machine, Body Sculpture brand, legs arms abs using fiberglass resistance rods. Its like new, son bought it then moved cross country. I don't need it or want it. It has been disassembled for transport, DELIVERY WITHIN REASON is available. It...
  19. crankcall

    Uber starts a motorcycle service!

    The loathsome Uber is launching a motorcycle service, deliver documents and packages and ride your bike and get paid. How bad could it be?
  20. crankcall

    2 pc leather suit

    for sale; Joe rocket brand two piece leather suit, 360d zipper connect, pants fit 34-36 waist and jacket is 42-43. Its all black, as suits should be, has about 100,000 miles on it. Never been crashed in , no rips or tears or repairs, the zippers work. Its well worn but serviceable track day suit...

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