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  1. PaisaMed

    2017 Yamaha wr250r

    PaisaMed submitted a new listing: 2017 Yamaha wr250r - 2017 Yamaha wr250r Learn more about this listing...
  2. PaisaMed

    seen today in GTA....

    a guy ring a scooter in shorts, t-shirt, sandals, and a beanie helmet. But, he had a leather motorcycle jacket on, although unzipped. can anyone explain this choice of gear/dress? Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  3. PaisaMed

    Twilight track days

    In previous summers, There was a group who organized twilight track days from 5 pm to 8 pm. I was just wondering if that was still going on? I visited the Ontario track days calendar website and so far, can't find any information on any twilight track sessions.
  4. PaisaMed

    Lithium Battery

    I need to charge up my lithium battery. Does anybody know of a shop where I might be able to drop it off? Also, can I jumpstart a lithium battery with cables to my car with the engine turned OFF? TIA
  5. PaisaMed

    Service Ontario Service Interuption........

    Service Ontario has stated that registration stickers and drivers licence renewals are on hold until further notice. If you have to renew in the near future and don't, I'm hoping the police will use discretion if faced with the decision as to issue a ticket. What happens with the insurance...
  6. PaisaMed

    Ktm immobilizer problem

    I believe I have an immobilizer problem on my 2011 Ktm 990 based on the error codes that I'm reading from the FI yellow light flashes and the MIL red light flashes. Can I use TuneECU to reset the immobilizer? Anybody a KaTy Mary expert here besides GP Bikes?
  7. PaisaMed

    Antigravity Battery Jumpstart

    I have an antigravity battery that needs a boost. Can I jumpstart my bike from my car (ignition off)? What kind of charger do I use for this lithium battery? As a side note, these batteries are the weight of a Kleenex box and instant 8 pound weight loss over a lead acid battery!
  8. PaisaMed

    Ignition barrel extraction

    My ktm990 had a screw jammed into the ignition barrel by a would be thief. I have carefully removed the screw and, of course, my key wont go all the way in probably because some of the tumblers are euchered. I need to get the barrel out of the bike. Anyone talked this? Remove the triple tree and...
  9. PaisaMed

    U.S. Driver's Licence

    Any GTAM members who possess a U.S. driver's licence in addition to their Ontario licence? If yes, is your bike insured in the state from which your U.S. licence was issued?
  10. PaisaMed

    1991 Kawasaki EX500

    PaisaMed submitted a new listing: 1991 Kawasaki EX500 - 1991 Kawasaki EX500 Learn more about this listing...
  11. PaisaMed

    Deals Gap at Thanksgiving

    Who's planning on going to the Gap? Looks like great weather. I was planning on trailering my bike down leaving Toronto on Wednesday.
  12. PaisaMed

    2006 Kymco Super 9s

    PaisaMed submitted a new listing: 2006 Kymco Super 9s - 2006 Kymco Super 9s Learn more about this listing...
  13. PaisaMed

    2013 BMW f800GS

    58600 kms, no accidents, 2nd Owner, $8,500 or best offer New Tires (since those that are on the bike in the photos) - front Continental Trail Attack, rear Michelin Anakee 3 Spoked Wheels, front 21", rear 17" ABS and BMW Traction Control SW Motech Centre Stand, Crash bars, Acerbis Handguards...
  14. PaisaMed

    Eclipse Heated Vest and Pants

    $120 Vest size Medium - Excellent condition Pants are new with Tags - size Large
  15. PaisaMed

    Sold Bike - Received Draft....WTF!!!!!!!!!

    I sold my bike this morning. I asked the buyer for 100 bills and he replied that he did not feel comfortable walking around with that amount of cash. So, he gave me a RBC bank draft for the full amount and now I can't get cash for it!! RBC will not cash these instruments and I need 100 bills for...
  16. PaisaMed

    City of Toronto claim

    Just had a major scooter get off last night while travelling northbound on Yonge St. 150 metres south of St. Clair. I have a bunch of scrapes, and my whole right shoulder/ right torso/ right hip are seriously bruised. My breathing is labored. Anyway, I just called the city and they are going to...
  17. PaisaMed

    2014 ktm 690 Enduro R

    5,000 kms Brand new Metzler Karoo 3 50/50 tires Extended Warranty with Cornerstone until January 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hand guards, skid plate Good insurance rates 2nd owner $9,800
  18. PaisaMed

    Plate fell off

    Somewhere on the following roads my plate fell off on Saturday June 18th sometime around 5:00-5:30 avenue Rd, st Clair, Russell hill Rd. Davenport, Huron, spadina, DuPont, high park, colour etc lodge dr., queensway, grand i retraced my route carefully on the way back and was stopped by the...
  19. PaisaMed

    Kawasaki Joe Rocket Textile Jacket - Large

    Black, green, white, Kawasaki colours Joe Rocket textile jacket New, no rips, stains, smells, no smoking, no pets, no rash!! size: Large $80 midtown Toronto located but can meet at Tim Horton's kijiji ad #1166190964
  20. PaisaMed

    Anybody trailering bikes to Deal's

    Is anybody planning on hauling their bikes to Deal's Gap this weekend? Any extra space? I have a group of 4 to meet there on Monday evening/Tuesday morning but really don't ride to ride down there on a Ktm 690 enduro! Let me know if you space PM is good. Ward

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