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  1. Kuro

    Do you guys change out your own track tires?

    Thanks, I think this would have been my approach too. For the tire pressure, what do you guys run? I think I do about 30psi for street. Not sure how different for track. I would say I'm pretty new to track. I've only ever done 2 track days. I got Ace Moto Tech to recommend me a tire that would...
  2. Kuro

    Do you guys change out your own track tires?

    What if they're not racing slicks? I have a pair of brand new Dunlop roadsport 2 and don't have warmers. I haven't started to track my own bike yet, I've only ever rented.
  3. Kuro

    Do you guys change out your own track tires?

    If I may also ask another question in this thread... Do manufacturers still put some compound on the tires to release it from a mold? How do track riders with freshly installed tires scrub the slick compound off?
  4. Kuro

    Anxiety about track school

    YASSSS They still have my picture as their poster boy for advanced riding. But I suck, still happy tho. Hi Maheen :)
  5. Kuro

    Strange front brake issue today - 2004 CB600F

    So I was riding home today for a quick stop before heading out again. I stopped by at home to grab my backpack and roughly 3 minutes later I came back to the bike, started her up and began to back pedal out of the parking spot I forwarded into. I noticed it was strangely difficult to back out...
  6. Kuro

    fork caps

    Hey, I was stripping down all the parts of my bike and without thinking, I removed my fork caps. I got a bit of a fork fluid facial. After I lapped it all up like a dirty pornstar, I'm now trying to put the caps back on. I don't have the strength to compress the springs down far enough for the...
  7. Kuro

    Julien Welsch - Triumph Speed triple stunting ... in a forest

    Sorry if repost. Saw this somewhat interesting video. Thought I'd share.
  8. Kuro

    Anti road rash clothing - Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Says its for cyclists, but if breathable, wouldn't mind wearing it underneath for when I squid.
  9. Kuro

    Can you identify the bike? What bikes are either of those chicks riding? Its a Honda, but can't make out what model it is. Someone more knowledgeable, help!
  10. Kuro

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thoughts

    Does any one else feel that most people who are actually doing this challenge are doing it for the wrong reasons? From what I've seen so far, there are people who briefly mention they're doing it for ALS and then there are some that don't even mention ALS at all. They're quick to just get to...
  11. Kuro

    Any riders gone vintage?

    I've been riding supersport after supersport for the past 6 years and I want a change. I almost pulled the trigger on a 1981 CB750, but the condition of the bike was quite poor. It was also carbed. I'm not new to carbs but I've recently read about older bikes taking several minutes to warm up...
  12. Kuro

    what is this bike?

    came across this in my internet travels, might be custom. Anyone have any idea? Looks honda-ish to me
  13. Kuro

    530 sprockets front and rear

    I have a set of sprockets. Powerite 530-16T front and a 530-40T rear. Good for most litre bikes. Was meant for my Honda CBR1000RR 2004, but I sold it. Looking for $50 for the pair...
  14. Kuro

    anybody noobs still learning?

    I've got in a few more lots sessions and I'm starting to consistently be able to pop the front up a few feet. I'm not launching from 20-30km/h, I'm starting from about 3km/h popping up. About 80% of the time its only like 2 feet, sometimes I'll hit about 3? I've learned a few things that I...
  15. Kuro

    Scarborough Town area

    short notice/no interest. Cancelled.
  16. Kuro

    Saving the reflective coating on visor

    Thinking of getting a new lid with mirrored or iridium visor. I read they last about 1 season before scratching renders it unusable. And they're $40 - $60 a pop. Not quite worth it for 1 season imo. What are people's experience with their mirrored visors? Is there a light clear stick on film...
  17. Kuro

    Brake light problem .. relay?

    I have a set of integrated LED tail lights on an 03 636. Recently I discovered that the brake lights aren't coming on. Both front and rear brake do not activate the tail brake light. The day time lights are on, the turn signals both work. Not a bulb problem, these are LEDs. I checked fuses...
  18. Kuro

    FS: Brand new 40T Rear Sprocket and 16T Front Sprocket

    Getting rid of parts I will never use. Throw me an offer. Rear sprocket I've seen lowest for about $75 bucks. Find me a lower price, I'll beat it. Front sprocket $25/ Find me a lower price, I'll beat it.
  19. Kuro

    FS: Brand new Automotive Jack stands

  20. Kuro

    FS: 03-04 CBR 600RR right handle bar. Also brake pedal mint, and clutch lever

    Have I believe a right handle bar for an 03-04 CBR600RR I also have a brake pedal and clutch lever for same bike. I think its a clutch lever ... looks like it. Likely the same pedal for other year CBR's. Throw me offers. Will sell cheap. Want it gone.

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