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    Suggestions for street legal dual sport

    Possibly a topic that’s been covered previously but... I’m thinking about picking up a dual sport. Something to run around the cottage and crown trails with friends on their ATVs. I was looking at a CRF450x as I like the four strokes low maintenance but I’m not sure if it can be plated for...
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    Rustproofing your car/truck

    Looking for opinions and thoughts on if it’s worthwhile. I’ve heard different points of view over the years. I wouldn’t waste my money doing it on a leased vehicle but what about a vehicle you intend to keep? Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
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    Bike stalled in traffic, wouldn’t start

    I was riding on the highway yesterday and ended up stuck in traffic, nothing new. Suddenly my bike stalls and won’t start, turns over very slowly. Thankfully a good samaritan pulled over right away to give me a boost. Hooked up the cables and bike fires right up. I rode home without issue. I...
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    Load bearing wall removal

    As the title implies I’m looking to knock down a load bearing wall in my house. It’s been hard to get quotes and while I think I have a general idea of the cost it would be nice to get a couple quotes so I can be sure I’m not getting ripped off. Any recommended contractors? Anyone here...
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    Canada’s roads over the decades

    I remember someone posting an article a while back about the development/progression/changes to the roads in Canada or maybe just Ontario over the decades. My search skills are admittedly not helping me on this one. Anyone else remember and able to help? Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Brake overhaul 02 sv650

    The front brake on my bike has been less than linear for some time. It’s definitely something I should have addressed sooner but the time has come. It is an intermittent issue but is not infrequent. I’d like to think a brake system flush would solve the issue but I doubt it. Any suggestions as...
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    Auto exhaust shops Scarborough

    Which do you recommend? Car needs some help as it is getting a little noisy. I haven’t had a chance to get underneath to diagnose due to the winter but sounds like a smaller hole after the manifold or a leak at the joint. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
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    A/C woes (residential)

    Well it was due to happen given the age of my air conditioner, so its now giving me some trouble. The unit is about 15 years old I think, I replaced the thermostat I think 2 years ago now and until recently everything worked fine. I've noticed that over the last couple of months the a/c unit...
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    Portaging Essentials and Advice

    A group of friends and I will be going north on a portaging adventure this summer. I'm no stranger to the great outdoors and camping but this will be my first time portaging. I'm curious what advice anyone has as to what items are essential as I'm obviously trying to keep the weight to a...
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    Military Lockdown In Montego Bay Jamaica "Canadian travellers seeking sun in Montego Bay, Jamaica should exercise caution during a state of emergency over a spike in violent crime, the Canadian government is...
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    Quality Cover For Your Ride

    Hey GTAMers, just wanted to give a shout out to @righttoplay. I purchased a motorcycle cover from him (bosomoto) a couple months back. It's a quality product and the price was right. He offered to match a sale on one from Princess Auto that was posted about on here. Nice guy and even...
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    What would you pay...

    ...for a well maintained mid 2000's 600 supersport with 40,000km?
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    Live & Learn

    So I got home last night, checked my mail to find two notices from Toronto Revenue Service; a parking ticket for $50 and a red light ticket for $325. Add that to the parking ticket I received about a month ago for (IIRC) $50 as well. Kicker is, they are all for plates I haven't had in 15...
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    Nelson-Rigg CL-1060-S Sport Tail/Seat Bag - CL-1060-S opinions??

    Does anyone have this tai bag and if yes how do you like it? Any other recommendations for a good tail bag?
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    hello and recommended routes in the gta east/central

    Hello all, I'm a newb here and to riding street (for the most part). Just recently got my M2 (not the first time lol, should have finished it many years ago instead of having to start over.) I've been riding bikes since I was big enough to climb up on to one, literally. I couldn't even touch...

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