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  1. Sebi

    SOAR Round 6 - Rain Race

    Well, that's a wrap for the 2020 race season! Some highlights from round 6 below. Got to try the wet for the first time which was a completely different riding style; need more practice in it to be competitive. Still, I did achieve my goal of placing top 5 in AM600 which got me an invitational...
  2. Sebi

    WTB: Rain Tires (180 or 190 size)

    Have an extra set? Let me know!
  3. Sebi

    SOAR Round 4 & 5 AM600 Highlights

    Never got around to posting round 4 AM600 so I combined it with round 5. Video doesn't come close to representing how intense going 3 or 4 bikes wide into a corner is :) Enjoy!
  4. Sebi

    SOAR Round 5 Rookie Race

    Here's a video of the race; was very tight. Congrats to Reg on the victory and on closing the door on me pretty much everywhere. Looking forward to round 6!
  5. Sebi

    CTMP August 14 helmet cam

    Some morning session laps at CTMP in yellow, still learning gearing in this session so was off a few times.
  6. Sebi

    Possible changes to green plate legislation - ride your dirtbike on the road (?)

    So it seems this is supposedly in effect as of July 1. Here's the relevant snippet: "Various changes to regulations under the Highway Traffic Act will: Expand the type of off-road vehicles permitted on roads to include off-road motorcycles, dirt bikes and extreme-terrain vehicles, commonly...
  7. Sebi

    Entertaining Ad And in case it get's taken down eventually, here's the description. Would you buy this bike? :D "THIS.IS.THE.ONE! The bike Donald Trump himself wheelied off into the sunset when he left Ivana...
  8. Sebi

    Bumper Cars at TMP

    Holy smokes! Corvette burned to the ground, fight breaking out, and multiple cars damaged pretty bad. oof. EDIT: Link went down :( Got some pictures of some of the carnage though. Missing is the video of the fight and some super reckless driving/passing.
  9. Sebi

    CTMP Aug 29 with Riders Choice

    Who went? What did you think of the track and overall day? For me, it was my first time at CTMP and wow, what a track. It's unfortunate that we only got 1 session in before lunch and will all the crashes and long downtime. Is that typical for CTMP? By the third session I started getting more...
  10. Sebi

    (Near) Free food delivered to you

    Skip the dishes has it going again, try to push your order as close to $20 to get free delivery and tip your driver! Enjoy your lunch ;) [skipthedishes] $20 off new accounts only - Forums
  11. Sebi

    Track Fairings on Street Bike

    Got a little sick and tired of swapping fairings for each track day, so decided to make the track fairings street legal. Now, all I have to do for track prep is swap the rear wheel, swap tail fairings and remove the underside LED lamps. Also wanted to dick around with new gimbal; put a little...
  12. Sebi

    How much does wheelbase affect handling? - And other liter bike discussion

    So I noticed the R1 is only 20lbs more than the R6; a fairly small difference that can be compensated for with some weight saving mods. Now, my question is, why does the R6 feel so much more light/flickable than the R1? The wheelbase difference doesn't seem to be that big either, but perhaps a...
  13. Sebi

    New Track Being Built - Discussion

    So it seems they are wanting to open Spring of 2020 up near Kawartha lakes. I think they were marked as area 49 before and now changed names to Raven Race Resort. They seem to target the upscale and focus on a more luxurious experience; what are your thoughts on them? * Note this drawing is...
  14. Sebi

    Anyone have experience with Bursig or similar stands?

    I'm currently looking at the cheaper version of the Bursig Seems like a very versatile stand for working on the bike
  15. Sebi

    Idiot of the year award - 2018 Edition

    Well, thought I'd start it up as a fun thing to pass the winter blues, so welcome to the first GTAM Idiot of the Year Award! Here's how this will work: 1. Post up a video of the biggest idiot of the (2018 ) year. Should be somewhat related to bikes (or cars? I'm not your dad, post what you...
  16. Sebi

    How much money do Insurance companies really spend on SS claims?

    I'm curios if there is anyone here in the industry that could perhaps shed some light into some statistics on claims made by SS in terms of what kind of claim (Ie. theft, at fault collision etc) was made and their frequency relative to other bike types. I'm sure SS's have a statistically higher...
  17. Sebi

    Your favorite motorcycle video?

    Whats your favorite bike video? Post the link below! To get things started, I could watch this all day...
  18. Sebi

    Best GoKart around GTA

    Looking to do some karting around town. What are the fastest, most dangerous karts in the GTA?
  19. Sebi

    Need a cheap wheel chock that's solid? Princess Auto has them on sale for $50!

    Just picked it up, $50 well spent :D Link
  20. Sebi

    August 27th Grand Bend Track Day - Our First Time Hosting

    On behalf of KW Sport Riding, I'd like to invite you to our first official track day. It is on August 27th and is the most affordable in the province. We strive to have a positive and welcoming atmosphere with a strong focus on community. Find out how we’re different & more at the link below. We...

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