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  1. Sebi

    The Official Ongoing Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas thread

    You bet! Had a great time, lots of good single track. A bit cold in the morning but warmed up in the afternoon. Lots of KTM's...
  2. Sebi

    The Official Ongoing Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas thread

    Was a great ride, Hockley, Terra Nova then Superburger for lunch. Bit windy on the way back but otherwise, perfect weather. Looking forward to Ganaraska on Sunday :)
  3. Sebi

    The Official Ongoing Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas thread

    If anyone wants to ride tmw, 120 Ottawa St. N for 10:30, KSU 10:45. Have gas. Probably 3-4 hour ride
  4. Sebi

    Step by Step to buy a used motorcycle in Ontario privately

    What year is the bike? I'm assuming its low kms/new. I wouldn't bother going too in depth if the seller seems like a good person. You catch any red flags though, I'd be more inclined to go all out with a thorough inspection. At the end of the day, inspect it enough such that if something does...
  5. Sebi

    KTM cult

    I love my KTM :)
  6. Sebi


    Official announcement will come out tomorrow, but we are optimistic for a potential reschedule to Tuesday the 13th. The announcement will be made both here as well as on our facebook page and via email. Anyone that's not able to attend the re-scheduled date will be issued a full refund.
  7. Sebi

    SOAR Round 6 - Rain Race

    Well, that's a wrap for the 2020 race season! Some highlights from round 6 below. Got to try the wet for the first time which was a completely different riding style; need more practice in it to be competitive. Still, I did achieve my goal of placing top 5 in AM600 which got me an invitational...
  8. Sebi

    WTB: Rain Tires (180 or 190 size)

    Have an extra set? Let me know!
  9. Sebi

    River Road new speed limits.

    Haven't been out that way all year, was planning for a weekend trip but might have to re-plan. How's the road surface? I heard they re-paved a good chunk of it? Hey, at least if you get lit up, you got a pretty good chance of slipping away
  10. Sebi

    SOAR Round 4 & 5 AM600 Highlights

    Never got around to posting round 4 AM600 so I combined it with round 5. Video doesn't come close to representing how intense going 3 or 4 bikes wide into a corner is :) Enjoy!
  11. Sebi


    Video from yesterday's trackday; red group, Zoltan camera
  12. Sebi

    SOAR Round 5 Rookie Race

    Here's a video of the race; was very tight. Congrats to Reg on the victory and on closing the door on me pretty much everywhere. Looking forward to round 6!
  13. Sebi

    CTMP August 14 helmet cam

    Some morning session laps at CTMP in yellow, still learning gearing in this session so was off a few times.
  14. Sebi

    600 motorcycle insurance for M driver

    Desjardins has been really good to me. For sure worth checking out, but things may have changed over the years. I haven't looked at SS insurance since 2016.
  15. Sebi

    Anxiety about track school

    Or ride the SS on track ;) Man is it ever fun... They do excel at what they were engineered to do, who would have guessed it?
  16. Sebi

    2020 MotoGP Discussion (NO LINKS)

    WOW what a race! So when is KTM coming out with a SS again? I'll be first in line ;) What a load of crap that penalty was with Zarco... what was he supposed to do? I couldn't help but notice the Yamaha's seemed a little slower. Do you think they dialed them back to preserve further engine...
  17. Sebi

    Anxiety about track school

    Great to hear you are putting the time and effort into improving your riding; it's often that riders will blow tons of money on shiny bits for their bike but then hesitate to spend anything when it comes to rider development. One key thing to remember is that slow is smooth and smooth is fast...
  18. Sebi

    What lower cost/inexpensive steering damper can my friend get for a kawasaki?

    I have an ohlins one for the track bike and a cheap ~$100 one for the street bike (MT09) The cheap one works decent, but to get any real damping you have to crank it up quite high. I don't expect it to last more than 2-3 seasons but for ~$100 that's good enough for me. It does prevent wobble...
  19. Sebi

    Kitchener/Waterloo area, c u next trackday riders thread!

    First race win this weekend, what an incredible weekend :D
  20. Sebi

    CSBK - Calabogie (spoiler alert)

    No AM SBK results yet, weird.

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