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  1. MacDoc

    Long Way Up released on Apple TV

    Missed half our trip in Chile and this gives me a travel fix. (y)
  2. MacDoc

    Vancouver Island 8 nights??

    Dottor has a break between jobs and wants an adventure. We like travelling together ...I have all these travel points built up and can pay for entirely on points so no cash flow hit. Thought I'd tap the knowledge of the riders. We can do a small SUV, flights and decent efficiency unit Travel...
  3. MacDoc

    Austrian MotoGP crash.!!!!!

    Perhaps the worst crash I've seen and a couple of notable riders risked serious injury or death by inches. Was not sure where to post this.
  4. MacDoc

    Last call for The James Bay Road

    Well sort of more Looks like a next summer run would be best
  5. MacDoc

    Gaspe run

    Looks like I can avoid New Brunswick and still do the Gaspe loop. 4,000 km - same as the Pickle Lake run but likely more interesting - less remote. 5369 Snowbird Ct to 5369 Snowbird Ct - just hoping for little rain ....that stretch up to Baie Como last time was miserable. 12 and raining and no...
  6. MacDoc

    Night rides and comet chasing

    I used to ride regularly at night but have not recently but think I may change that tonight and comet chase up to Arthur. Comet NEOWISE Climbs Higher in Evening, a Perfectly Placed Moon for Evening Viewing, Mars before Midnight, and Seeing Planets Simultaneously! July 19, 2020 This stunning...
  7. MacDoc

    Pickle Lake run Friday June 26th

    Thought I would separate this out. I was concerned about fuel on 599 but here is a ride report. I'm pretty inclined to do this and leave Friday very early as well. I know I can do Sault Ste Marie in daylight without too much issue and there are a couple...
  8. MacDoc

    Spring summer 2020

    Seems we are up for an early mix of both. Lovely out today but back to 29 the next couple of days. I see they made the one place at the Forks take awy their chairs and picnic tables :( A few bikes out. OPP are being brutal on [parking. Too many of them around here. Better when Hockley opens...
  9. MacDoc

    Quite the light show in the GTA

    Hope no one is caught out ....pretty intense cells. I was thinking of a night ride...saner thoughts prevailed
  10. MacDoc

    Reliable bike for my kid returning to riding after illness

    Kenz stopped riding a few years back after we had some fun trips together to the states and to BC. He had several bikes from 14 on to when he stopped riding - he's 29 now...the last being a hopped up 2013 FZ8 he got for a steal brand new and then tweaked. We have all the gear and he -...
  11. MacDoc

    Covid era motorcycle adventure options.

    Aside from planning trips in Canada I've been offsetting this lousy weather with exploring potential adventures. For about $2000 including flight and Vstrom rental Iceland seems accessible fpr a week to 10 days. $700 for the flight and there will be...
  12. MacDoc

    Apr 25th riders voted with their wheels...time to ride.

    Damn have not seen so many bikes out.. Put in about half a touring day and am I sore. Still just the slightest chill in the air but beautiful. Hundreds of bikes River Road kind of interesting as closed off at one end so not much traffic and very free of sand and gravel = spirited pace.
  13. MacDoc

    Mike speaks Honda listens :D We see the slightly smaller Postie bike running around Cairns and they know no rules.....running the heavily loaded bikes up on the...
  14. MacDoc

    Chile ?

    We are part way through a long planned 5 weeks in Chile by car and have seen a reasonable number of distance touring riders Some more photos here. Couple of caveats. Altitude sickness is a thing ....this was taken at the geyser fields at 14,000'...
  15. MacDoc

    Can $100 Save America’s Flagging Motorcycle Business?

    Excellent read
  16. MacDoc

    Missing riding .... :-(

    Usually would be heading to Australia to get my fix but while I'm looking forward to Patagonia and autumn weather there next month, does not get me on two wheels. -19 on Friday .... 🥶
  17. MacDoc

    Superleggera V4 - yikes

    more :eek:
  18. MacDoc

    Superbike racing 1st person view Of course the odd camera lens is making it even wilder. What to do when it's -10
  19. MacDoc

    Dakar fatality - Paulo Goncalves
  20. MacDoc

    E-bikes/ eScooters this the wild west?

    This may have been covered elsewhere. So my understanding is that e-Bikes/eScooters which seem to cover a wide range of vehicle choice are now legal today as far as the province is concerned. The article seems to concentrate on the small stand-on scooters but what about eBicycles and larger...

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