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  1. meme

    CBD cream

    And quicker (for me). Delush is the stick I use and I believe it is 400mg. Menthol so i use it mainly at home, adult A535!
  2. meme

    CBD cream

    I use the tinctures and a stick. Kinda like a deodorant stick. Crashes have finally caught up. Also tried some tea from Saugeen FN, the THC was surprisingly effective and the CBD tea was really good for mellowing out the aches. Ganga Express - so civilized!
  3. meme

    Any members here that have sleds too?

    Just joined the party and bought a couple of older sleds. 500 Polaris and a 1000 yami! Something fun for the winter months, figure try it anyway. Gonna be a beauty weekend, missing 2 wheels right now.
  4. meme

    Donovan Paige aka Reciprocity

    Ahh shitters. So much fun to ride with. You will be missed
  5. meme

    where are all the end of season track bike deals??

    Thanks guys but it's the household rule that gets me. I only have one and he ain't coming! See what transpires over the next month.
  6. meme

    where are all the end of season track bike deals??

    So incredibly tempted to put the R6 up for sale. If the track restrictions on pit help don't change then I'm kinda screwed for multi day events as I physically need help after the first day, I'm tired and bike will be on ground some point second day
  7. meme

    Bike meets such as LnL - during COVID 19. Your thoughts.

    But the cops hang out at the reach street Tim's.
  8. meme

    And she's home!

    Good grief you guys are confusing me. Whomever got a new bike, congrats
  9. meme

    Happy 420!

  10. meme

    Happy 420!

    Wow buzz kill. Meh will do! Gotta be close enough to quitting time.
  11. meme

    Happy 420!

    Happy bd to you too kiddo. Look in the last place you left it. Lefties!
  12. meme

    Happy 420!

    Happy BD kiddo
  13. meme

    Happy 420!

    Oh hell ya.
  14. meme

    Happy 420!

    Working from home, soo tempted to roll one. 2 more hours, adulthood sucks
  15. meme

    Your lowest moment during COVID-19

    I went outside with no pants yesterday. Garage is detached, hubby working from there, I am working from house. Got all the way upstairs of garage, wandering around, and he looks at me "ummm...Tar I am on a video call," Awesome. Imaidiot
  16. meme

    Rag top car Q

    Crank-it's stored outside all year? Did you treat it? Buddy has an Audi and wife a Mustang. Both of their tops look like **** as they are outside and not even 4 years old.
  17. meme

    North American International Motorcycle Supershow - Jan 3-5, any good?

    So did anyone get a truly good deal? I'm in the market for new leathers and a helmet, but have a pretty good relationship going with GP Bikes so like Destructo I put a pass on most of the shows these past few years.
  18. meme

    1942 Cdn Army Motorcycle Training Film

    Thx. Just really hesitant to part with the original and terrified that it will get messed up. My grandparents original wedding photo was taken by a cousin (with good intentions) but botched by the restorer.
  19. meme

    1942 Cdn Army Motorcycle Training Film

    Hubby had a grandfather who did this training. I have a tiny pic (2×2) black and white that is creased. Anyone know of a reputable place to get it restored and maybe enlarged? I've been looki g in durham region but not getting the warm and fuzzy feel from anyone. It's the only photo and...
  20. meme

    Planing a trip with my son for this coming summer

    I have a cottage in Tober. It's a long boring ride up the peninsula. Once you get there it is one of the best places ever, unfortunately last 10-15 its been taken over by day tourists so watch the road. I love tourism, hate the stupid peeps who ignore rules of road Lol at Hoppy's being...

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