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  1. meme

    Happy 420!

    Working from home, soo tempted to roll one. 2 more hours, adulthood sucks
  2. meme

    mosport next week with pro6!

    Yee haw. Who's in?
  3. meme

    June 15/16/17 Calabogie w Pro 6!

    Anyone going? I'm thinking Sunday/Monday.
  4. meme

    Crisp out! go through your stuff and donate

    Just a challenge to clean out closets and get rid of stuff someone else may use. Winter clothing to people shelters, towels and bedding would be appreciated at the furry shelters! Thanks all T
  5. meme

    TANK SAtURDAYS! aug 11th show

    Oshawa - Ontario Regiment RCAC Regimental Museum For $10 I thought it was pretty cool on Aquino weekend. This weekend it's The Cold War, show starts about 1pm. It's a dusty field for the tank demos so plan accordingly. Sept 8, Oct 13 are also demo day dates. I believe these are primary...
  6. meme

    wanted - Empire Rockfest-Belleville for Sat night

    Need one more ticket Thanks T
  7. meme

    Pre-sale tickets to concerts

    Does anyone know how the live nation pre-sale tickets work? I've become a member of LN, I can see that the pre-sales will go on at 10 am today but cannot see any more info on how to get these tix. Do I have to wait until 10 am to see a link or screen? Thanks!
  8. meme

    Vote! (please)

    Ever hear the phrase "it's not what you ride but that you ride"? This is what I am asking. I don't care who you vote for. This is my plea to vote. If you already vote, please try and encourage 1 non-voter to get in the game (or stfu with regards to provincial politics). BTW you can't...
  9. meme

    prob about that time I post a mmmmmosport thread.

    Giddy up girls and boys. I believe 3 weeks from today there is DOCC/Pro6 days. Anyone else in?
  10. meme

    bathroom co - recommendations for Durham Region?

    Old old house, but want to get it done in one day as this is only shower in house. Don't need finishing as I will do that, just looking for shower/tub insert and toilet installed. Recommendations?
  11. meme

    Bogie, last weekend with Pro 6!

    Next weekend-who's in? Hope to see y'all for the last blast of the season!
  12. meme

    oh my Mmmmmmosport week!

    Nvmd. Already a thread
  13. meme

    LF-jays tix for Sunday

    200s only please, and looking for a 4-pack
  14. meme

    amber alert

    Northern Ontario but pass it on
  15. meme

    what did I do?

    When I open up any sub forum my display has changed to blue on blue. Main page is still blue background with white. Any hints on changing the display colours?
  16. meme

    Pro 6 Mosport TD May 26

    It's the most wonderful time of the year. Giddy up kids!
  17. meme

    need Bonnie advice

    "For 2009, a 50th Anniversary Bonneville was developed based on the T100. A limited run of only 650 was produced, with each one individually numbered, a brass plate on the handlebar clamp and a certificate of authenticity, signed by John Bloor" Don't know anything about these bikes or how to...
  18. meme

    reoccuring dreams? have em?

    So I don't sleep well. I've had loads of sleep tests and my issue is I simply don't stay asleep. So I rarely dream. I don't get into sleep deep enough to dream. However when I do I have this ridiculous dream of having pots and pans stuck to my hands and feet! Lol I know how stupid it...
  19. meme

    I wanna punch in the face

    People who park beside the stores, even though there is a parking space within 40 feet. "Just running in" I watch em grab smokes. FFS you ought to have a stupid tax on ya. Park and walk dammit!. Extra irritation if it's a strip mall and also a fire lane. Let's hear em. Try to keep...
  20. meme

    looking for 03 r6 front fender and undertail

    Let me know what you got! Thx T

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