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    Most reputable dyno shops in GTA?

    Which shops are the best for dynoing power commanders or are they all generally on par with each other?
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    Hyper flash after replacing relay

    Installed 2 led front signals and a rear integrated tailight, tailight has 1 wire for each turn signals and uses the stock connector for the brake light which is grounded. Front signals have 2 wires each, power and ground. Signals are installed correctly, flash correct ways left & right...
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    Tips when buying a older used motorcycle

    Hey guys what's are some good things to look at and some red flags when looking at an old used motorcycle, especially ones with low kms. I'm looking at one now that's an 04 with 5k on it but the spark plugs were recently changed which worries me, I get a feeling that the bikes km were rolled...
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    Yamaha r3 $4500 5100km obo

    Selling my 2015 Yamaha R3 with 5100km for $4500 obo. Bike was purchased new in April 2016. Has had its 1k service done and an oil change at 4500km. Chain regularly lubed and cleaned. Willing to safety. Bike has a Motodynamic integrated taillight, TST flushmount signals, vagabond tail tidy...

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