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  1. Shaman

    NO MC - took the car to the Mix & Match on Friday night

    Shannonville runs a car-centric "mix and match" night, where I can do laps around a road course on the front track and drag event on the rear track. Naturally I did both. Got exactly the kind of results that I was looking for on the strip. Here is a pic of the car at the bar (Iron Duke in...
  2. Shaman

    Something different.

    Took my Porsche 911 Turbo S to the drag strip at Shannonville Friday night. Against my expectations, I ended up dominating the whole production car group that showed up. At around 9 pm, a guy with a very stripped and prepared fox-body mustang running nitrous and what looked like full slicks -...
  3. Shaman

    2017 New Model Thread (INTERMOT etc.)

    LOTS of giant ugly exhaust pipes in 2017. Euro4 sucks. New RSV4 / Tuono 1100 New ZX10RR New Ninja 650 (50lb weight reduction!)...
  4. Shaman

    Claudio Corti at Mosport / CTMP for the CSBK race Fun video to watch. The only other bike that even began to compete with the insanity of that bike's sound was Trevor Daley's R1. Most of the time, all you could hear was the HSBK bike. Hard to believe that was a nearly stock new-model bike (SST...
  5. Shaman

    I've done it now - RSV4

    Bought a RSV4 RF to race in 2017. A bike I can trust, sounds good to me. So... anyone here that has prepped one of these bikes before? The bike itself needs nothing except suspension setup. Literally nothing. I'll probably get a slip-on or full exhaust just to lighten it up some more, I...
  6. Shaman

    Some selected pics from 2016 Deal's Gap trip

    Day 1, just cruising Day 1, no longer cruising, guy in 2nd position is G2G Racing, Pike's Peak racer Day 2, taking the old girl out for a stroll Stepping it up a bit with my buddy Bruno and his new R1
  7. Shaman

    FZ 10 coming to Canada No IMU, so back to 2010 TC technology, then. More money and more weight than Tuono 1100R or S1000R but less power. Way to go Yamaha. Beat nobody and out-price everybody except KTM's 1290R. And make it look like a bag...
  8. Shaman

    Anyone looking for a clean RSV4?

    A friend of mine has his for sale. The bike in question is the white one.
  9. Shaman

    Deal's Gap April 30 - May 7

    Will be in the Deal's Gap area that week. If anyone is around, we will have eight Canadians staying at TreeTops and the Point along with a few LA and TX folk. I will have the two Aprilias (RSV4 RF, Tuono 1000R), my buddy will have his F4 and a host of other bikes including Tuono V4, RC-30...
  10. Shaman

    Aprilia had a hell of a year

    From the 2015 Piaggio financial report: " the motorcycle sector, the Aprilia brand reported revenue growth of 36% from 2014. The Aprilia super sports bikes with the V4 engine, assisted by the benefits of Aprilia's MotoGP and Superbike activities, and its victory in the 2015 Superstock...
  11. Shaman

    Quick vacation & rider training with Marcel Irnie

    Monterey is a really nice area... 17 mile road, the Big Sur, the aquarium, Carmel Valley and the Cannery Row are all good ways to spend some time. Laguna Seca is, of course, awesome and over-the-top (pun intended). Marcel and Marianne are well and the training went well. Broke some bad...
  12. Shaman

    If this doesn't look like fun, give up.

    For reals. Imagine five of us doing that between race sessions @ SMP through the pits. People would love us and hate us at the same time... lol
  13. Shaman

    How fast will it go, Mister?

    Speedometer error of about 6% according to those in the know. Doesn't ruin it for me.
  14. Shaman

    2016/2017 RSV4 RF / RF-W announced

    Because there's not enough cool bikes being shown this fall (pfffft), Aprilia just dropped this. "It's a track bike, and there are five different versions available, from a track-prepped RSV4 RF all the way up to essentially customer WSB spec, with the option to add and choose stuff as you...
  15. Shaman

    November rides

    Some pics from the rides last week. It's going to be a long winter. :/
  16. Shaman

    RSV4 RF vs. R1M Seems pretty damned divisive to me still... Baron Von Grumble is mostly a street rider and Al Fagan is a British Super Bike racer as well as a Fast Bikes journalist tester. Pick your poison... Notes: the european R1 has a lot more power than the...
  17. Shaman

    Headed out for a cold ride today with my bud Andy

    Good to see him, been a while... he broke out the full Newf accent on me today after spending some time with his family out East... lol
  18. Shaman

    Wheelsport, Orleans, ON - Cautionary tale

    I just got off the phone with Jim @ Wheelsport in Orleans, ON. I'm not in the business of telling anyone what to do, but I am going to relate my story and see what people think. In 2013, I bought a RSV4 Factory SE from this company, had the first service done on it there and was generally...
  19. Shaman

    Anyone with a new RSV4 RR/RF and possibly Tuono 1100 (unknown)

    A TSB was released just last week for a factory mistake in the torque required for the rear wheel sprocket bolts. Check them and torque to 50nm as required. EDIT: 50nm is 37lb/ft or 443 inch/pounds. I heard about the TSB this morning from the AF1 forum and had my mechanic check the bolts...

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