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  1. Shaman

    Will my broker hate me?

    I still love my Tuono. I have it insured with Wawanesa at present.
  2. Shaman

    Anyone in Kingston?

    I have done that loop many times, at least as I understand where you are referencing. I love that road. Often do Long Lake Rd. to Mountain Grove Road, cross 7 and up north through Henderson/Harlowe/Fernleigh to Plevna. And from there, well... whatever. :)
  3. Shaman

    Anyone in Kingston?

    I'm around. Been mostly racing but I had both Aprilias out for a ride last week. Went up around Perth, came back Old Kingston road etc. etc. I unfortunately know just about every road around here. Unfortunately because I've ridden them all about 100 times lol
  4. Shaman

    Craft Beer: What are you drinking now??

    Anyone hitting the Red House Cask Day at Red House in Kingston? I'm considering.
  5. Shaman

    Tail of the Dragon

    I have to say that the speed limits in the area are really sucking the fun out of it. Back pre-2008 the area was so much more fun and vibrant. Yet I keep going back...
  6. Shaman

    Daily sports car?

    OMG. Use oil. Yes it's a definition. Been around a long, long time. And yes it's been listed in motorsports on many occassions. No idea who is doing so now. Remember, if everything is a sports car, nothing is a sports car. I haven't tried Costco 91 in it. I think I was more likely down...
  7. Shaman

    Daily sports car?

    Ultra 94 sucked a couple mph out of my trap speed, actually. It's lower in energy density than 91 Canadian Tire - which is 100% gasoline, no ethanol. Additionally, I believe the CT is more than 91 octane, to be sure that they don't face liability questions... ;) Either way, my car works best...
  8. Shaman

    Daily sports car?

    > So a 2+2 car by design cannot have excellent handling? I'll challenge you on that all day. Nimble handling. You're not going to make even a great GT car like mine compete with a Miata or a Super 7 on a tight parking lot slalom. Road courses tend to be more about corner speed, grip and...
  9. Shaman

    Daily sports car?

    > So why would 2+2, RWD, 2 door, excellent handling cars not qualify as sports cars then? 2+2 seating. Having a chassis designed to be longer for the extra seats adds weight and makes the car less nimble. It's a big step away from what a sports car should be. A high-speed GT car with good...
  10. Shaman

    Daily sports car?

    The R8 has AWD, and that's the only reason you don't call it a sports car... it's probably a supercar, though. The McLaren F1 is a supercar as well, but it's a 1-seat car designed with optional seats to be crammed in beside and slightly behind it... novel idea but the reality is that most of...
  11. Shaman

    Daily sports car?

    A sports car has two or less doors, two or less seats, is RWD, is relatively lightweight, is built low and specifically designed for nimble handling. Roof optional. A lot of cars being suggested don't meet the spec. Now, for a performance car, I might consider the Mustang as it's more fun -...
  12. Shaman

    Craft Beer: What are you drinking now??

    They've had some ups and downs at Santur. Their American Pale Ale is not one of their ups, or at least it wasn't this weekend. I'm impressed with their Porter and I like their NE IPA well enough, as well as their Canadian PA. But they're young, I'm hopeful that they will break out of their...
  13. Shaman


    Itching to get out. Fired up my 911 yesterday and warmed it to full oil temp, only to see snow start falling outside the garage. Ugh.
  14. Shaman

    Craft Beer: What are you drinking now??

    I liked Hellwoods. Lately I've been drinking some half-ass craft beer at Santur and Riverhead. It's not amazing stuff (well, I am partial to the Plumberry Sour @ Riverhead) but I like the atmosphere and I am friends with the owners of both. Our band has played at Santur and Rolf is a great...
  15. Shaman

    NO MC - took the car to the Mix & Match on Friday night

    Shannonville runs a car-centric "mix and match" night, where I can do laps around a road course on the front track and drag event on the rear track. Naturally I did both. Got exactly the kind of results that I was looking for on the strip. Here is a pic of the car at the bar (Iron Duke in...
  16. Shaman

    Something different.

    Took my Porsche 911 Turbo S to the drag strip at Shannonville Friday night. Against my expectations, I ended up dominating the whole production car group that showed up. At around 9 pm, a guy with a very stripped and prepared fox-body mustang running nitrous and what looked like full slicks -...
  17. Shaman

    2017 New Model Thread (INTERMOT etc.)

    LOTS of giant ugly exhaust pipes in 2017. Euro4 sucks. New RSV4 / Tuono 1100 New ZX10RR New Ninja 650 (50lb weight reduction!)...
  18. Shaman

    Claudio Corti at Mosport / CTMP for the CSBK race Fun video to watch. The only other bike that even began to compete with the insanity of that bike's sound was Trevor Daley's R1. Most of the time, all you could hear was the HSBK bike. Hard to believe that was a nearly stock new-model bike (SST...
  19. Shaman

    I've done it now - RSV4

    Bought a RSV4 RF to race in 2017. A bike I can trust, sounds good to me. So... anyone here that has prepped one of these bikes before? The bike itself needs nothing except suspension setup. Literally nothing. I'll probably get a slip-on or full exhaust just to lighten it up some more, I...

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