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    Just bought a used bike and it failed the safety miserably. What do I do?

    I just bought a used sv650 and when I checked it out it looked to be in clean condition. Nothing was noticeably wrong with it. I was thinking maybe the back tire would fail the safety but that is it. I took it to sturgess and got a call today saying it failed safety and needs at least 1500 worth...
  2. J

    Where can I get my bike safetied in Hamilton other than Sturgess

    Anyone know somewhere I can get my bike safetied in Hamilton other than Sturgess.
  3. J

    Just bough a used bike. Can I get temp plates in order to drive it to get safetied?

    Just bought a used bike and the guy is driving it to my house on Wednesday. How do I go about safety, getting plates, stickers, insurance. In what order does this have to be done? I already got insurance lined up, do I need plates before they will put it on? Thanks!
  4. J

    Just bought my first bike, 2006 SV 650S. Feel like the guy in the Cialis commercials

    Just got home from purchasing my first bike, an black sv650s. I cant wait to start riding her. The bike was being sold in Markham and I live in Hamilton. He agreed to ride it to my house sometime this week and I would drive him back home. Super nice guy! I took the MSC in Brampton last week and...

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