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  1. Railside Performance

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Wishing everyone a happy, safe and filling Thanksgiving weekend. This has been a challenging year for most with the worst being the loss of work and sick family members, to having your planned trips cancelled or your cool new purchases arriving late with slow shipping times. Let us take this...
  2. Railside Performance

    New Fender Eliminators In Stock - Free Shipping

    We have long ship times on Amazon to help prevent A-Z claims from delays due to Canada Post. Shipments are same or next day and usually take 1-3 days in the GTA and Quebec and a bit longer for the rest of Canada. We can also do local pickup in the west end. That eliminator ad I will need to...
  3. Railside Performance

    New Fender Eliminators In Stock - Free Shipping

    Hi, Thanks for your interest and here is the link to our Amazon ad providing information on the light. These are popular and we just ran out of taillights but more are on the way and will be arriving early next week. The eliminator is in stock. Taillight Aprilia RSV4 2009-2019 Tuono...
  4. Railside Performance

    New Fender Eliminators In Stock - Free Shipping

    We have NEW fender eliminators in stock for the following bikes along with our usual supply for most every other bike including Integrated Sequential Taillights. Please contact us for product options and information pertaining to your bike. In these unprecedented times, we are still shipping...
  5. Railside Performance


    You passed up free beer?? Stronger and smarter than me! My neighbour has family in Italy where their whole city is in lock down. Strange seeing cars in neighbors driveways on the weekend and all plans of ours have been cancelled this weekend and forthcoming. Just cancelled my flight to Florida...
  6. Railside Performance

    Jackets Gloves and Bags

    We came across overstock on certain jackets , gloves and tail bags are able to pass the savings on to you. Check out the links to our local Kijiji ads for stock photos and pricing. We can meet in the west end for you to check sizing or you can follow the Amazon and eBay link from our website...
  7. Railside Performance

    Burrito Boyz Tuesday Nights 4.0

    i am in for the 18th
  8. Railside Performance

    Moto Social

    Getting stoked!
  9. Railside Performance

    Nakeds that ride like sports

    The FZ07 and FZ0-9 are big sellers, so there has to be something right with them. I have tried the FZ07 and it was fun and will be an upgrade to a 500. The FZ/MT09 are even faster and are a true hooli ride. See if you can get out for a demo ride somewhere and try them out.
  10. Railside Performance

    License plate installation for ZX-10 with fender eliminator

    We carry one for your bike and it comes with a Legal plug and play LED light.
  11. Railside Performance

    2019 Renewal - Increase? Allstate? Is this a joke?

    Same here. I have always bundled, but it was less expensive overall for me to use different insurance companies. A bit more work, but work is money.
  12. Railside Performance

    Sexy GTAM forum update

    Looks great guys and congrats on providing a community for us riders over the last 20 years. Happy to be a part of this.
  13. Railside Performance

    Can you identify what this part is?

    Correct. The electronic damper is garbage and never worked well on my 07 so I ditched it for an Ohlins like most everyone else. Good work guys.
  14. Railside Performance

    What is this battery thing?

    The above answers are correct and Is it connected to anything on your bike? Cool feature.
  15. Railside Performance

    Who’s Still a Reasonable Option for SS

    $596 a year is great for a BUSA! Can you provide your location since this tends to make a huge difference? I was able to get a lower rate on my bikes than I am currently paying, but they wanted too much for the cars and house. Total payout is everything for me since I have multiple vehicles but...
  16. Railside Performance

    2019 Fender Eliminators & Sequential Taillights Now Available

    We have stock of the NEW 2019 Fender Eliminators and Sequential LED Taillights from Motodynamic. Honda CB500 CBR500 CB650 CBR600 CBR1000RR Kawasaki Z400 and Ninja 400 Z650 Z900 Z1000 NINJA 1000 Z900RS Suzuki GSXS750 GSXS1000 Yamaha FZ6R FZ07 FZ09 MT09 R1 R6 R3 Aprilia RSV4 TUONO Ducati Monster...
  17. Railside Performance

    10% Off All ebay Purchases Until 6am Dec 8

    Hello, eBay is offering a limited time promotion of 10% all purchases until 6am ET December 8 with no minimum. Use code PHLDAYTEN during checkout. Please contact us if there is something you need and cannot find. Happy Holiday shopping! Shawn
  18. Railside Performance

    The Holidays Have Arrived!

    Now that the holidays have officially arrived, it is time to get your motorcycle accessory gifts ordered to arrive by Christmas since there are currently delays with Canada Post. Please contact us for shipping information or about meeting in the west end to avoid possible delays. Happy Holidays...
  19. Railside Performance

    Fender Eliminators & Sequential LED Tail Lights

    Search Our Store For Locally Available Fender Eliminators and Sequential LED Alternating Tail Lights For Most Bikes. Improve the Looks and Safety Of Your Bike. Available For Purchase on , eBay Or Contact Us For Local Pick-up.

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