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    Racer grabs brake of other rider, faces criminal charges in Italy. Canepa, who rides a Ducati Panigale R in World Superbikes for the Althea Racing team, is due to appear in court charged with assault and battery according to the Italian magazine, which has posted the footage on its YouTube channel. It appears to...
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    Ducks, again
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    Sportbike flips car in calgary Then this appears... Same crash?
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    CBC news story on "weaving" motorcyclist sought by police I can't figure out what the issue is here. They guy crossed a double yellow passing on a blind corner -but is this really police manhunt material?
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    No More Superbikes for KTM - CEO Says They're Too Dangerous For Public Roads

    No More Superbikes for KTM - CEO Says They're Too Dangerous For Public Roads "There’s a headline you won’t enjoy reading, especially if you’re a fan of KTM and their underrated 1190 RC8. KTM...
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    TV is crap, watch Hackaweek.

    This is Dean Segovis, a mechanic in North Carolina and general overall fiddler with everything from bikes to electronics. Last year, he had a series of Youtube videos about cafe build from an old Honda Sabre.
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    Ontario drivers have overpaid up to $4 billion in auto insurance, new study finds

    This is news? Ontario consumers may have overpaid for auto insurance by $3 billion to $4 billion between 2001 and 2013, according to a study done for the Ontario Trial Lawyers...
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    CR Bike Reliability Report

    The new Consumer Reports Motorcycle reliability report data has been posted, this time it was much bigger with over 12,000 responses from 11,000 riders. In terms of owner satisfaction, the ranks were: 1. Victory (notable high ratings for handling) 2. Harley Davidson (notable high ratings for...
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    Gsx s1000?

    Is Canada getting this bike? , European reviews have been stellar. I can't see it on the Suzie website, just the 750.
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    Hilarious Kijiji Bike and Stuff Ads and worth every penny. Sometimes, the comedy value is worth a half hour of perusal. The other threads are about price and value. BOTTOM LINE - I COULD NOT GET THE SONBITCH TO START - ... PAY ME FOR THEM & TAKE IT ALL AWAY...
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    Dane Westby dies in street bike crash AMA superbike rider died yesterday on a street bike, lost control, no cars involved. Show even the best riders can run into trouble on public roads.
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    KTM twins coming in 2016

    This is interesting... Baby RC8s?
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    CBR500R Repsol

    I found this on the interwebnets for sale at a British bike dealer: This is a custom? Did Honda offer Repsol colors as an option on the CBR500R somewhere?
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    Asian Small Bikes...what do they cost to build?

    Found this on Alibaba, the site for Asian factory wholesaling. These 250s are being sold around $1000-1200, which means they are being built for far less than that. Many factories feature independent...
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    Weird accident, rider ok. Some idiot Saturday in the hammer went too fast on the off ramp with a load of scrap metal, flipped the truck, and rained all the metal down on the highway below into the path of a...
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    Lightning LS218, 200hp, 168ftlbs

    218mph top speed, 160km range. Put some pedals on it, free insurance! In case you’ve missed the LS-218, it’s the street version of the Lightning superbike that first set the electric land speed record (hitting 218mph in one direction, hence the LS-218 name, and achieving a two-way average of...
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    Electric Turbos

    Sure, you can buy them on eBay for $79. Volvo made a real one, using an electric motor to spin up the turbo, thus a lossless power adder (unlike superchargers). Electric comes from regeneration. A second turbo takes over at higher revs. No lag. Result: 450hp from 2000cc as a road engine (which...
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    Self-aware Motorcycles

    Neat article about how Honda has used ASIMO technology to influence MotoGP electronic controls. "We have applied ASIMO's inclination estimation technology to the MotoGP motorcycle... The required information to estimate...
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    Fischer Mrx 650

    I had no idea this bike existed...

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