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    Did I Cross Paths with Wingboy?

    Nakkers, i hope that was you last night on the Parkway near the Butterfly House? If not that yellow MGB owner was probably wondering wtf is that guy on the loud bike doing. lol.
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    Did I Cross Paths with Wingboy?

    CBX probably going to be me, nakkers. Were you walking along the path? I cycle there some times as well. At times the scenery can be excellent. I have eyeballed a couple Honda 4s wondering if it was you.
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    Back in The Saddle

    How big is your storage shed? :) Nearby in Beamsville might be worth a look.
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    Back in The Saddle

    Very nice! is an excellent site and has a fairly active Classifieds section if you run into any trouble with your bike.
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    '82 Seca 650... keep or sell?

    If it isn't the Turbo and turns out to be the Seca RJ model shown in post #14, they have an 8" headlight. A complete 8" headlight, bucket and ring in good shape can be worth a couple hundred bucks.
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    Best UJM of all time?

    At the, great handling and relatively cheap. Still applies.
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    92 GSX1100G Thoughts? experience?

    A buddy had one for a couple years and put many kms on it after he had the got the carbs sorted. Slides, i think? Apparently it is a common problem. Some good info in this thread including owner websites.
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    Wanna buy a CBX ?

    Thanks. The red '79 has Sun spoked wheels. The grey '81 has black powdercoated Boomerang Comstars from a Euro CB900F.
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    Hindle Sale - 15% off

    Thanks for the info.
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    Wanna buy a CBX ?

    I think that is a good price for the '81 listed on Kijiji. Not a big fan of the fairings and saddlebags they do turn into a cool naked bike.
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    Wanna buy a CBX ?

    Thanks for the compliments, Gents. Always liked the look of spokes and with these Sun rims i can get a 150/110 tire size combo instead of the stock bicycle sized 130/100.
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    Wanna buy a CBX ?

    Out on the weekend for the first time. It's a pig but it looks cool and sounds cool.
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    Wanna buy a CBX ?

    A couple guys from Ohio racing one in AHRMA. Certainly not on the scale of the Curtis FJs
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    Wanna buy a CBX ?

    Happened to be on Hwy 8 down in Jordan Hollow last summer when Jan went through on the CBX. The sound echoing through the Valley was fantastic. Didn't know he had found another engine. He called in Dec. but my spare is in pieces.
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    Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer Flyby & Sound

    Seeing more cyclists than cars can be scary. Is that an 800 or 1100cc?
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    Recent movies you saw - recommend or no

    Dark comedy, social commentary and some "don't go down there" moments. I thought it was great.
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    Covered Bridge

    From Sittlers, the hot cross buns around Easter and strawberry/rhubarb pie in the early summer were excellent.
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    Post up PICS of members bikes?

    Lash, your bike is gorgeous. Are those repro pipes or are you lucky enough to have the originals?
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    Post up PICS of members bikes?

    Thanks for the comments, Gents. It is a big, heavy brute but it looks cool, sounds cool and is fun to ride.
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    Post up PICS of members bikes?

    Half teh season over but finally got the '81 engine in the '79 CBX. These lumps weigh 225#.

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