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  1. pfbmgd

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Now if they only went after real criminals like this . Imagine the streets without shootings everyday .
  2. pfbmgd

    Anyone feel like joining me tomorrow (Sunday) for a day trip to Algonquin?

    Went through on Friday . Nice colors .
  3. pfbmgd

    Are ohlins worth it?

    Put Ohlins on my Road Glide .a month ago . The bike went from major front end dive and unstable front end . The rear from being bouncy and bottoming out . To a bike that rides on rails . Even my passenger new to riding noticed the diffrence . They are expensive but worth it .
  4. pfbmgd

    GP Bikes Annual Summer Helmet Sale is ON NOW!

    Dam Shoei helmets are crazy expensive . They fit my head really well.
  5. pfbmgd

    Hot tub anyone?

    20 years with tubs . I used it everyday . What ever the cost it is worth it .
  6. pfbmgd

    BMW R18 - The Harley Killer?

    Not even close . Completely different buyer .
  7. pfbmgd

    No Coronavirus or USA posting zone

    Not sure why the focus on the US . We are screwed by a one year 383 billion deficit . There is nore to come as the budget leaks are saying another 90 billion will be added . Wait till your tax bill arrives for Canadian VID shut down . JT will slip in the " green recovery plan " . How did...
  8. pfbmgd

    Policaro Harley-Davidson. Great Dealership

    They will need to dragged into liquid cooling by the EPA . As long as they pass the EPA they keep going with air cooled . Not realizing there are tons of us that were ready for liquid cooling years ago .
  9. pfbmgd


    I have better term then sheep "Zombies " . People that are brain dead . I like at 8:20 of the video . The mask sends a message . The message is I'm woke I'm saving lives . Everyone look at me . Why were the mask not implemeted right away ? Why are they implemented when number are negligible...
  10. pfbmgd


    I see gloves , gowns and a cool envoirment where viruses die quickly . That maybe an older picture . But most people in operating rooms now wear a combo mask and eye shield or wear glasses. Most items in the OR that are touched during the procedure have sterile one time use covers . I bet...
  11. pfbmgd


    I love getting the latest information here . So many experts .
  12. pfbmgd


    Wow . A videos that shows nothing . No actual live test . Just a dude talking . Then showing some screen shots. That has to be the proof for sure . A real scientific proof . Wear your masks sheep . Follow what the governments instructions at all cost . Take the vaccine when it comes be a good...
  13. pfbmgd


    So are you discussing grammar or the vid ? Attack the person when you have nothing .
  14. pfbmgd


    Ok Lucy splain to me the difference . Many I should say Karen . It is a simple example . You want to feel like you are doing your part go ahead . But know it is doing nothing . I guess you didn't listen even to 20 seconds of the video .
  15. pfbmgd


  16. pfbmgd


    I didn't even spend 30 seconds for this video . But I already knew they don't work with out full PPE .
  17. pfbmgd


    Well most home made mask don't pass any standard . They do nothing to prevent the transmission of the virus . Yet people here will follow blindly and argue " Just wear the mask and be a good citizen " . Oh yeah I forgot " orange man bad " .
  18. pfbmgd


    Great come back .
  19. pfbmgd


    So you are telling me you put on any replacement brake pads you find ? What is you criteria for break pads ?
  20. pfbmgd


    Did you think why we have standards ? Even if it's a crap break pad it will still the minimum job if it meats a standard .It's because some items are useless . Just like home made masks . But you do you to do your part . Just because it's better then nothing great logic .

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