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  1. lakshan

    Crank No Start '77 KZ650 - Diagnosis help needed!

    Maintenance done so far: - carbs cleaned and rebuilt (gaskets, o-rings, and fuel mix spring) - replaced fuel lines - replaced vacuum lines - replaced fuel filter - new air filters - new battery - new spark plugs - new oil/filter/o-rings - valve clearances checked - replaced ignition points and...
  2. lakshan

    Heater -- Working on bike over the winter

    Hey guys, I'll be periodically working on stuff in my garage over the winter. I want to get a space heater so I don't freeze to death. I have a little ceramic space heater that I've been using on some colder days but it only goes up to 5000 BTU, not nearly enough output. My garage is just a...
  3. lakshan

    Shops that sell older/vintage parts

    Hey guys, I have trouble sourcing stuff out for my KZ650, which makes sense as everything is discontinued. But I know there are aftermarket options out there. I've been going through Motorsports Pickering to get some stuff but they are limited in what they can source, and they're not super...
  4. lakshan

    New Rider and Member - '77 KZ650

    Hey guys, I was passed down this old motorcycle a couple months ago and I've been slowly working on getting it up and running again. It sat for a couple of years with the previous owner. It's been a lot of fun and getting hands on is forcing me to learn a bunch! I've mostly been using the...

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