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  1. cutekill

    Ride for Sight 2020 - It's a go!

    Hey GTAM, Ride of Sight is a go and GTAM is in the lead and on track to win the Online Group Challenge again! We could use a bit more help. If you can't join us on September 18th-20th at Fenelon Fairgrounds, please consider helping our member reach their fundraising goals by making a...
  2. cutekill

    MTOhp teams up with GTAM for member discounts!

    MTOhp Teams up with GTAM for another year - providing GTAM members with a discount Motorcycle Training Organization of Halton/Peel (MTOhp) has teamed up with GTAM again for 2020 to provide a discount to any GTAM Member who would like to get their motorcycle license. M1 Exit Cost: $420.00 +...
  3. cutekill would like to welcome and thank our new forum sponsor Allstate Insurance Company of Canada would like to welcome and thank our new forum sponsor Michelle Edwards from Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. Michelle Edwards Senior Agent Allstate Insurance Company of Canada Direct Telephone: 289-460-3943 Email:
  4. cutekill

    Join the Ride for Sight Online Fundraising Team.

    GTAM has registered again for the Ride for Sight Team Challenge. Whether you are able to join us for the celebration event on June 12-14, 2020 or not, join our fundraising team help us win the team challenge! Just follow this link: GTAM Ride for Sight Online Ride Team
  5. cutekill

    It’s been a long, long time!

    Hey KewlKitty Great to have you back. Look forward to catching up with you on the road. Ck
  6. cutekill

    GTAM has raised $316,290.67 for Ride for Sight over the last 20 years!

    WOW!!! Just adding up the dollar amounts that I remembered to track from the online fundraising over the years of GTAM supporting the Ride for Sight and it totals $316,290.67, to date and we're not finished with this year yet!. That's just the ONLINE funds that I remember to capture before the...
  7. cutekill

    GTAM Team is leading the 2019 Team Challenge

    We are leading the charge and are currently in first place with $9134.14 raised so far! Way to go team. Thank you to the GTAM members that have sponsored the team or one of the riders. We greatly appreciate your support! If you're still wondering what do to this coming weekend, come out to...
  8. cutekill

    Join the 2019 GTAM Online Ride team

    Just let them know ... What happens at Ride stays at Ride!
  9. cutekill

    GTAM Online Ride Team is in 2nd Place

    We most definitely are doing the Ride for Sight again for 2019. Our team page can be found here: Ride for Sight 2019 Love to have you as part of the team. Message me if you have any questions or problems getting signed up on the team.
  10. cutekill

    Join the 2019 GTAM Online Ride team has always been a big supporter of Ride for Sight and this year is no different. Did you know that GTAM is 20 years old this year? Help us celebrate by joining the Ride for Sight Online Ride Team and help us win first place in the team challenge. Join the GTAM 2019 Online...
  11. cutekill

    GTAM Online Ride Team is in 2nd Place

    We need your help folks. It's the 40th Annual Ride for Sight, just seven days from now and our team is currently in 2nd place in the Team Challenge. GTAM Online Ride Team Click the link above, choose a rider and make a donation to help them reach their fundraising goal and help GTAM get to...
  12. cutekill

    GTAM Online Ride Team needs your help!

    GTAM has been at the top of the leader board, being the group that has raised the most for Ride for Sight for over 12 years. Last year York Hog Region snuck up behind us on the Friday of Ride for Sight and blew us away bringing in just over 20K. Right now, there's a team called "Brampton Crew"...
  13. cutekill

    40th Annual Ride for Sight - GTAM's 20th year support this amazing cause.

    2017 saw GTAM raise a total of $14,158.81 for vision research, which put us in second place, overall, in the Online Team Challenge. We tip our hat to York Region H.O.G. Chapter, who ended up in first place with an awe-inspiring total of $28,610.00. 2017 is the first year, since the Online...
  14. cutekill

    Two More Sleeps! It's almost time!

    Only two more sleeps until the 39th Annual Ride for Sight Weekend. Team GTAM is in the lead with a total of $9,556.16. Our Team Goal is $10,000. Just a few more donations to go. Please consider helping the GTAM team reach is fundraising goal. All funds raised by the team go directly to the...
  15. cutekill

    Please welcome our Laws/Regulations/HTA Forum Sponsor - Pronay Personal Injury Law would like to welcome and thank our new forum sponsor Pronay Personal Injury Law. George F. Pronay Pronay Personal Injury Law 7368 Yonge Street, Suite PH-A Thornhill, Ontario L4J 8H9 (T) 416-322-2866 (F) 416-322-2868
  16. cutekill

    Getting your Motorcycle License? Get the GTAM Member discount with MTOhp

    GTAM has secured a member rate for M1 and M2 Exit courses, with MTOhp, for the 2017 season. M1 Exit: GTAM Member Cost: $425.00 + $55.25 HST = $480.00 (Regular Cost: $488.00 + 63.44 HST = 551.44) M2 Exit: GTAM Member Cost: $399.00 + $51.87 HST = $450.87 (Regular Cost...
  17. cutekill

    Looking for riders to participate in a popular Canadian Culinary Competition Series

    GTAM has been been approached by a popular Canadian culinary competition series (I can't disclose which one on public forums) to put together a guest list of motorcycle riders that would like to participate in one of their episodes. There will be 3 food booths to chose from, and the riders...
  18. cutekill

    Another Great Year!

  19. cutekill

    Top Online Team Fundraising Awards

    GTAM's Online Ride Team is on track to win the Team Challenge again this year. So far, we've raised $5027.00 and there's still two weeks to go. Support one of our team members by making a donation under their name. You can find them all at...

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