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  1. gqelements

    Quick Race Numbers / Graphics in Toronto

    Hey guys, this is for a dirt bike, but does anyone know of a good sign shop you've used to print graphics/numbers for your bikes?? I have the vector file for my number plates that I need printed ASAP (2-day window)? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. gqelements

    New Blog, Dirt-Riding Oriented

    Hey gang, I thought I'd share my new website and blog, assembled during 8 weeks of lock-down. I'm planning to use the site to share thoughts, videos and content focused on various moto-related experiences that keep me busy throughout the year. The merch on the site is designed by yours truly...
  3. gqelements

    Is it summer yet? Dreaming of Bethany

    Hey gang, I'm already suffering from winter blues so started editing some footage from the summer. Here's an overview of ODSC Bethany Ride - the season opener ride for many... Is it summer yet? Let me know what you think!
  4. gqelements

    Ganaraska's Lookout Hill closed due to erosion

    ...hopefully Ganaraska authorities have a plan for rehabilitating that area, not just throw up a "No Motorized Vehicles" signs and leaving it for years, like they've done with the other hills that were eroded in the past few years.
  5. gqelements

    Machinist for small bike jobs?

    Hey guys, does anyone know a machinist that can do small touch-up jobs? I have a brake lever set that does not account for the the collar of the spacer/sleeve and also for some reason has the return spring slot cut too narrow... hoping to get those cut in / enlarged so not to have to throw out...
  6. gqelements

    ADV and Enduro Riding in Ontario

    Thought I'd start doing something with all the riding footage hopelessly accumulating space on my OneDrive. Here's the first attempt from a weekday ride in Ganaraska Forrest. Let me know what you think!
  7. gqelements

    Metal laser cutting (and bending) in Toronto

    Hi gang, any recommendations for a small shop that can: 1) laser cut a metal dash bracket ( from 2-3mm steel sheet) based on a vector file? or 2) can help cut and bend an existing dash bracket to fit new application.. I assume 2) is much more common capability than 1), but thought i'd ask for...
  8. gqelements

    Printing graphics

    Hello, I'm new to racing and am looking to print my number plate (not doing the full bike just the number plate graphics for the front and sides). Can anyone suggest a place to take my design in the city? I'm in North York if there is anything in the North End... Thanks in advance!
  9. gqelements

    Riding near Grimsby

    Does anyone know of any trails near Grimsby? Thanks in advance!
  10. gqelements

    Salesfloor comission on new bikes

    Does anyone know aprox. how much salesperson commission is typically paid out on Japanese bikes? I have an opportunity to call in a favor from a friend high up at a dealership on a bike I want (but consider overpriced) and want to know if it's even worth it to bother my contact or just buy a...
  11. gqelements

    Sightseeing on the way to Washington DC

    Hey guys, I have to take a one-day trip to Washington DC and thinking of taking the bike... Can anyone recommenced any points I should incorporate in my trip plan? I've ridden to Renovo in PA (now long ago, before giving up on on-tarmac road trips) but not much further East. Looking for routes...
  12. gqelements

    Furnaces... Damn them!

    Furnace is acting up... Everything works, but the basement furnace won't blow hot air/activate when thermostat is in 'auto' mode... ie, even though the temp on the thermostat is clearly below the 'HOLD" or "Schedule" setting (even by 10 degrees, I tried going extreme) hot air won't kick in. I...
  13. gqelements

    Talk me out of a KLX250

    Is anyone here riding a KLX250? I'm starting to look for my next ADV bike and the parameters are: FI Modest performance Under 300lbs Absolutely capable of extended mileage (I average about 8k/year on the dirt bike, so models with 10h service intervals are not practical) Current-ish and...
  14. gqelements

    35% off LEAT (US)

    Hey guys, I have a few promo codes left for 35% off LEATT gear (LEATT Direct, via their US website), expiring this year. If anyone is looking to upgrade their gear, let me know, happy to share (but please ask if you are actually going to order, not just to hoard as the qtty of passes is limited).
  15. gqelements

    Shipping Moto South (if you are headed down, let me pay your Gas!)

    [the following also posted on ODSC and ADV Rider] Hello, if anyone is planning a trip south (Moab, Arizona, Nashville, Atlanta, whatever) and has space on their trailer (one way only), please PM me and I'd be happy to negotiate a fee to ferry one additional bike down. Destination and timing is...
  16. gqelements

    Creemore Dualsport: Sat Nov 29th

    Leaving from North York in the AM, happy to meet along the 400 or at the Tims at Airport Rd and 9. PM or post below if interested in heading out together!
  17. gqelements

    Riding Saturday, Oct 21

    Anyone up for some riding in this gorgeous weather? Thinking of going North to Bethany and/or Ganny, leaving from North York. PM to hook up.
  18. gqelements

    Toronto to Charlotte, North Carolina Advice

    Looking for advice on a quick (but fun) route from TO to NC incorporating some good twisties. Would any one have any suggestions of some segments I'm missing along the way? I've added the Blue Ridge and 219 is (mildly) interesting, but is there anything along the way that is parallel to the...
  19. gqelements

    Wednesday Off-day Ride (July 5th)

    Looking to ride either Creemore or Oakridges (possibly Ganny too) tomorrow, July 5th. Leaving at 10AM (to avoid traffic) from North York. Anyone with extra sick days or time off, please feel free to join in! (PM or post below your preference as to East or West-bound ride and we can figure out...
  20. gqelements

    Where to get bearings?

    Does anyone have recommendations on a place that can match my bearings (I.e. I don't have the spec, just the old part, so need someone to measure and assess the size)? These are for a set of chain rollers so nothing fancy, but not something I have the tools to measure precisely myself...

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