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  1. Ocean

    Chasing girls...

    you need a blue pill come on man open up that throttle
  2. Ocean

    New Rider! Hopefully...

    Pick a centre closest to you and keep checking online daily sometimes someone dropped off and you see a slot opens.
  3. Ocean

    Crossboarder Pickups - direct number? | can bring your package to Canada If you have a package that you urgently need we can bring it back to 240 Lottridge Street in Hamilton. If you have a urgent package, email your invoice to We will also need the tracking number of the package and your suite...
  4. Ocean

    Help! Neighbour taking advantage by parking too close to my property line.

    Looks like a nice quiet street wait till their kids become teenagers your nice car is going to meet their basketballs. You're going to be watching from the windows frequently. You've got a good idea about putting some hedges there rip out half of the interlock.
  5. Ocean

    Used Small Truck Thread (Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado)

    2012 was a good time to buy domestic cars the big 3 was in trouble and prices haven't gone up from the steep drop. GM & Chrysler got a bailed out in 2010. Heck new mustang cobra svt and can be bought for 45K CAD on the road in 2010. CAD was higher than USD
  6. Ocean

    Used Small Truck Thread (Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado)

    Mine is 07 I got the frame done this year March just before the whole lock down fiasco. The truck had the thick oil and the previous owner took it off road to cover with dirt he knows what he’s doing. I scraped a little part to see the frame was good no visible rust. But it was rotting inside.
  7. Ocean

    Used Small Truck Thread (Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado)

    Best of luck
  8. Ocean

    Used Small Truck Thread (Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado)

    how did they check your frame has no issue? They drilled hole tosee the inside rot on mine. Then they sent the pictures to Toyota Canada. When I bought my truck first thing I check was the frame looks good from the outside but obviously couldn’t see the inside of the frame.
  9. Ocean

    Selling a Bike these days

    he gave you the cash why wouldn’t you let him ride it you’re selling it as is. If he hit someone tell the cop you sold the bike to him hence his plate. He said he has insurance and you sold the bike to him. I bought a truck privately slap my mustang plate that I need to return I got stop told...
  10. Ocean

    move over Jeep, theres a new sheriff in town....

    6.4 hemi 0-60 in less than 5 sec wow on a Jeep
  11. Ocean

    Used Small Truck Thread (Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado)

    You want pretty get a mini
  12. Ocean

    Used Small Truck Thread (Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado)

    If you can swing the cash 2010 dakota is fairly good: 2010 Dodge Dakota 4X4 **1 OWNER-ONLY 79,000KM-TOMMY POWER LIFTGATE** - Toronto It's got a liftgate to load up your equipments and bike
  13. Ocean

    Used Small Truck Thread (Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado)

    If you like off roading taco is the highest off the ground straight from the factory. No need to lift it unless you want to climb rocks. Not the best gas mileage but it was never built for that it’s built for durability and capability. For older tacos try to get one that has frame replacement...
  14. Ocean

    Any hope for this windshield?

    Try Novus 3 then 2 and polish with 1 from It removes scratches also take a thin layer out, I've restored aquarium and windshield with em
  15. Ocean

    Biker assaulted my friend's dad in Heartland

    is there timmie in heartland I haven't been there in 20 yrs but I'm sure this idiot will come by again
  16. Ocean

    Canada Post Delivery Timelines

    I ordered santeva water filter and breather filters, fuel hose and connector from Amazon all came in 2 days. Guys you want fast order santeva water filter
  17. Ocean

    Torque wrench, what size?

    I have 1/2 wrench and 1/2 to 3/8 socket adapter
  18. Ocean

    Mod down

    Glad to hear you’ll ride another day, I gotta bad right shoulder too from trying to save a 600 lbs bike tipping on one side. Lesson learned when a bike is tipping on one side I’m not holding on. And when bike slides let it go. Unfortunately I was almost 40 at time never fully recover there’s...
  19. Ocean

    Need a US address for free shipping. Is the CBIUSA still the best option?

    Ive been using for 3 years. half the cost of cbi and the place ain’t as fancy but no problem so far. And ny opens on Sunday.
  20. Ocean

    VW Warranty nightmare!

    Nothing I can do right now the court probably gave them a year or two to complete their recall in Canada for the year of trucks. Until something bad happen they’re still within the law

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