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  1. Hack

    Anyone feel like joining me tomorrow (Sunday) for a day trip to Algonquin?

    Hell... I might just head that way Wednesday or Thursday just to see for myself..
  2. Hack

    Anyone feel like joining me tomorrow (Sunday) for a day trip to Algonquin?

    S***.... the leaves sure change quick. I was through Algonquin two weeks ago, also on an FJR and everything was still green,,,
  3. Hack

    Gold Stars Detailing and Auto

    Especially businesses that are frivolous and unnecessary...
  4. Hack

    Anyone riding in Canada on (cheap) US insurance?

    When, if ever will people just accept the fact that insurance is spendy..? The ins. companies and the law are both smarter than you. You can't play these types of angles and win. Riding isn't a "right". If you cant afford it or just don't like what it's going to cost... Dont bother doing it.
  5. Hack

    What Are You Currently Listening To?

  6. Hack

    Law Enforcement - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.....

    It wouldn't/doesn't matter in cases such as the one lucky2 posted a link to. 'Family, friends, community as well as anyone with an axe to grind have their minds made up as to how things went down... Sometimes the only conspiracy is that the is no conspiracy...
  7. Hack

    River Road new speed limits.

    Anything can be a dildo if you're brave enough...
  8. Hack

    Outdoor storage

    If you're not wearing out your tires before they "deteriorate".... You're not riding enough. I think we're over thinking this storage dilemma. It's not like the bike is being time capsuled only to be brought out 40 years from now... It's 5 months tops. Less if you own a heated vest.
  9. Hack

    Insurance recommendations for new rider?

    Unless your bike is on their s*** list or they will not/do not insure motorcycles period. Believe it or not the ins. co. I have a house and three cages insured with will not insure my one bike. So... I have everything except my bike insured with one co. and the bike all alone with another. A...
  10. Hack

    Ride Report: 2020 BC

    'Been along that stretch of road many times... My sister's place is built up on the hill above Eastside Rd. Looks good in your pic, but... 3 weeks ago it looked like...
  11. Hack

    Outdoor storage

    ...and blinker fluid. Dont forget to top up the blinker fluid.
  12. Hack

    Tire snobs

    Opinions on "best" tire are polluted by ignorance, marketing and confirmation bias.
  13. Hack

    Bar muffs

  14. Hack

    Service cost?

    How much beer do you think I drink..!!!??? Using your numbers let's figure $600 for the job... $20/pizza... That's 30 pizza pies... I'm not much of a drinker so... Pies it shall be!:)
  15. Hack

    Service cost?

    Lol that's what he had at his old place... Urinal is an upgrade... Stainless steel no less Privacy partition(s) still to be erected...
  16. Hack

    Service cost?

    20'x40'... spacious and well lit. 'Even has urinal so no need to go into the house to tinkle.
  17. Hack

    Service cost?

    My DIY race getter-outer... 'Worked like a charm... Three firm "taps" with a small ballpeen hammer and each race was out.. DIY race puller/seater... Technically known as a race "getter-inner" Princess Auto bearing driver... For driving that bottom bearing onto the steering shaft...
  18. Hack

    Service cost?

    The old set were adequately greased, but it was apparent some water had gotten to it... 'New bearings are properly packed/greased I assure you:cool:
  19. Hack

    Service cost?

    Well... over 40 000 km and not exactly easy, riding to Dairy Queen kms...
  20. Hack

    Service cost?

    From the time I got the bike up onto the lift until the last fastener was buttoned up... 4 hours. 'Probably could have done it in 3 hours, but... I take my time and am pretty meticulous. Front wheel and fender off Bars and forks off Top race before a wipe Top race after a wipe Bottom...

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