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    1-piece AGV suit and 2-piece Teknic suit

    mihnea submitted a new listing: 1-piece AGV suit and 2-piece Teknic suit - 1-piece AGV suit and 2-piece Teknic suit Learn more about this listing...
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    1-piece AGV suit and 2-piece Teknic suit - BEST OFFER

    AGV suit is 42 - would fit someone less than 5'10 and max 160lbs. Bought new in 2004, crashed lightly in '05ish, been hanging in my closet since '07. Comes with leather pucks - grippy, but fun. Teknic suit is 44 - used it for longer trips where the extra room to put on extra sweaters came is...
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    What's your fav shock for Bonneville/Thruxton/Scrambler?

    Would love some feedback from Triumph riders! Am thinking of picking up either the Bonneville Black, Scrambler or Thruxton from Triumph. Test road the Bonnie with mag wheels on Monday and realized the rear shocks are ****. Was about to write the whole Triumph line off, but I still love the look...
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    Bell vortex helmet brand new - xs + tinted visor 200$ o.b.o.

    I bought this helmet without trying it on and unfortunately it is not a good fit for me. Never worn, it still has all its tags on. It comes in the box, plus it has the TINTED VISOR as well (so you get two visors). It retails close to $330 all together. I am selling the helmet + extra visor for...
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    need to borrow a motorcycle jack

    Howdy everyone! I got myself a bit of a job ahead of me and would need to borrow/rent a moto jack. Does anyone have one they'd be willing to share or know of someplace/someone that does have one? I'd need it for about a week and am willing to rent it. Thanks!! M. ps: this is what I'm...
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    TO cycle salvage, zdeno - still in business?

    I just tried calling them and one doesn't ring at all and the other rings forever. does anyone know if they're still around? numbers I called: TO - 4162597991 zdeno - 4167629963
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    83 VT750C Honda Shadow clutch assembly

    Hi Just got a free 83 VT750C shadow from my neighbour and it's missing both the master and slave clutch cylinders - it's a hydraulic setup. What other model years and models would these parts fit from? I'd like to get them used either locally or off ebay, so any help in terms of compatibility...

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