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    Rider down Linc/403

    Hwy403 EB at the Lincoln Alexander-Hamilton, remains closed for a serious collision involving a bus and motorcycle
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    2016-05-24 rider down on the linc

    Hope rider is ok. Sister just say it happen and called the ambulance. Younger rider not wearing his gear. She said stomac, arms and hands all torn up.
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    Anyone else out still riding on the nice days?

    Rode in to work today because its still a nice day considering its Nov 26 and I didn't see a single bike on the road. Usually see about 15-20 on my travels in.
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    Grimsby Ontario

    Heard all the sirens this afternoon and got a text from my sister making sure it wasn't me. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families. That spot is bad on that stretch of hwy8. I have had 3 people pull out on me too. They just don't see you. My guess is someone pulled out in front and went...
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    Grimsby / Beamsville Area

    New to riding. had my bike for a few weeks now. 2014 CBR500R. looking for a riding buddy or small group for cruising around and getting more comfortable on the bike with. not looking to racing around or any stunting. =)

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