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    Brand New Scala G9

    Selling a Scala G9 headset. I bought a Powerset for me and the girlfriend but she can't ride anymore. This brand new. Never installed or turned on. The other set is on my helmet so I'm only selling ONE. It comes brand new, in box with everything. The unit itself, audio kit with speakers...
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    Stunt Bike > Track Bike, Vice Versa

    I looked but I couldn't find much information on this. I read a lot of people quit street riding entirely to just track. And some people have dedicated stunt bikes to stunt. What I'm wondering is if anyone has a bike that they track but can also convert easily to a stunt bike (crash cage, 12...
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    5th Generation iPod Touch 32GB & 64GB

    I have 2 brand new, sealed in box 5th generation iPod touches. One is 32GB and the other is 64GB. They are both black. I lost the receipt that's why I cannot return them so I might as well recoup some of my losses. I can deliver depending on location. 32GB I'm looking for $280. (Retails $299 +...
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    Ninja 650R Lowering Links

    Used these lowering links on my 06 650. Give me an offer.
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    32" Samsung LCD TV

    Mint condition Samsung LCD TV for sale. Mint condition. Barely watched. Comes with everything in box, still with plastic protgection on it. Asking $240 or PM me offers. Looking to sell ASAP. Can deliver.
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    Turn Signals Won't Flash

    Bike is a 2006 Ninja 650R. It had smoked LED integrated tail lights. The LEDs died so I removed them and replaced the stock tail light. The brightness is such a big difference. I don't want to put the stock turn signals back on so I went to Zariz Cycle today and picked up aftermarket turn...
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    Track Tires For Use on Street

    I just want to know what your thoughts are on using track tires on street. I was suppose to track my Ninja 650R this year so I got a set of Pirelli Dragon Rain track tires. Something came up literally couple days after I bought the tires and I won't be able to track anymore. Since I was...
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    Pirelli Track Tires

    Pirelli Dragon Rain Tires 120/70R/17 160/60R/17 I thought I was going to track this year but something came up and unfortunately I won't be able to. PM for more information.
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    Anyone here box?

    Just wondering if anyone is an amateur boxer and what gym they go to. I wanted to get into it a long time ago but I just didn't have the time or money. Now I have more time and money and I'm getting fat so I'd like to get started now. There are a couple of gyms I'm considering. 1 - Closest to...
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    I think someone was about to steal my bike...

    I went for a ride and when I got home I left my bike outside in front of my driveway. 5 minutes ago, I put her inside the garage. As I closed my garage door, and started walking towards the front door of my house, I hear a van speeding. A white GMC cargo van turned on my street still speeding...
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    Niagara Run - Sunday, Sept 18

    So everyone is doing a Niagara run on the Saturday. I can't make it due to work but anybody down for a run on the Sunday? It won't be too cold. A high of 20 and a low of 13. Looking to leave around 9am from Scarborough and do some stop around the Missisauga and Hamilton area. I don't really know...
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    Free Red Ear Slider

    Giving away a red ear slider that my parents got for my brother but don't have time to take care of him. He's about the size of a male hand. Only thing is he doesn't come with a tank. Only comes with food and transport cage. I am willing to deliver to a good home. He's around a year and a half old.
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    Chain Adjusting

    I have an 06 Ninja 650R. Bike felt weird and heard this ticking noise when I'm at low RPMs. Checked out my bike the other day, chain was WAY too tight. There was pretty much NO play whatsoever. Anybody willing to adjust this for me? I know it messes around with your wheel alignment and I'm not...
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    Oxford Heated Hand Grip Wraps

    Selling these heated wraps that came with my bike. Seller says he only used it for one season. I haven't used these and I don't plan to so hopefully someone can get better use from them than me. Asking $50 or best offer...
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    Stock Exhausts

    Selling stock exhausts from my 06 Ninja 650R. I have a Leo Vince now. Also a stock exhaust from an 08 GSXR 600. I was going to put this on a Ninja 250 but I decided to get the 650 instead. Give me offers. Very flexible. Want to get rid of these ASAP. Will post pictures soon.
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    Blackberry Torch 9800 (Rogers) PM me for more information.
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    FS: Acer Apire One 10.1" Netbook PM me for more information.
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    Ninja 650R Integrated Tail Light Problem

    I don't know what happened but one side of my tail light isn't lighting up. I can use the turn signals but it doesn't light up if the bike is on or if apply the brakes. Any tips?
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    May 29th, 2011

    Bored!! Where's everyone riding right now? Hahaha
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    GSXR Exhaust and Ninja Lowering Links

    I have an exhaust from a 2006 GSXR. Planned to put it on a Ninja 250R but ended up getting a 650R instead. Also have lowering links for a Ninja 650R. Not sure if you can use it on other Ninjas as well. It is still on my bike. Offers.

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